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If there was a kid Ramir in TS3 he would propably have less than 1000§ in his household funds, and live in a shack[edit source]

Actually, i think she lived with her mom, then her parents married when she was either a baby or toddler, when Owen died she got a job and started being the main breadwinner in the house. When Maida died, she lived alone for a bit a'la Newson, and then she moved out to Ramir's house.

Ramir lived with his dad, his mother largely absent from his life, when his mother died he was just turned into a teen and got a job and became the main breadwinner. Actually he got a job at the same time as Ana but they did not live together at the time. Ramir's parents were (supposedly) poor but both Ramir and Ana were overachievers, so now they're almost middle class, like the Cordials, but not quite at the level of the Rileys or the Clevelands. Or that's supposedly the story. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Kaiko Mikkusu (talk) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~