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How many days does Bill Racket have before turning into an elder? Can someone please insert that information? Also, how many days of life do his parents have left?

Skills or No Skills[edit source]

Okay I tried to nip this thing in the bud ages ago but my edit got quickly reverted...anyways there is a contradiction in the article. Does Bill start out with no non-hidden skills (article text) or does he start out with three points in charisma (skill box)? I'm just gonna say that I've played with Bill many times and he always starts out with three points in charisma. This includes if you load a fresh Twinbrook and select the Rackets as your very first family. I'm willing to be proven wrong but the article needs to make a decision. 2601:189:C480:4892:201A:C66:2660:A660 (talk) 02:50, August 22, 2019 (UTC)