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Familes: No returning faces[edit source]

checked out most sims in Bridgeport and it looks like we didn't get any returing families this time. Anyone notice different?Bafendo 22:45, October 29, 2010 (UTC)

Yeah it didn't get any returning families.---Guilherme Guerreiro (talk here) 18:49, November 2, 2010 (UTC)

I still wonder if we didn't get anyone because of Late Night focusing on Young Adults or because we got the Caliente sisters with Barnacle Bay.Bafendo 02:34, November 22, 2010 (UTC)

There could be returning faces in Bridgeport (the city), but just not in Smuggler's Cove which is the neighboorhood (part of Bridgeport) we see in-game. Kaiko Mikkusu (talk) 18:56, September 30, 2014 (UTC)

Layout for families[edit source]

If you compare Bridgeport to the other main neighborhoods in TS3 (Sunset Valley, Riverview, Twinbrook and Barnacle Bay), you notice that each page has its own style for how it lists residents. Some pages include the in-game household descriptor text, some don't. Some give a list of family members, others don't. There has been a dispute on this page regarding how the families should best be laid out; I propose a solution.

I propose that we lay it out as is done on the Barnacle Bay and Sunset Valley pages, as such:

*'''[[Family name]]''' ''Address''
Family biography

§ Family funds

Difficulty: x

[[Family Member 1]] [[Family Member 2]]

below is an example:

Joe Bethersonthon is a citizen who does radio commercials for products. He owns a food thermometer presented to him as a gift by the personal sous chef for the king of auto sales, Phil Baharnd.


Difficulty: 3

Joe Bethersonthon, Abbey Bethersonthon

Thoughts? -- LostInRiverview talk · blog 05:56, November 2, 2010 (UTC)

I think this is a good approach, although one of the issues I have with including the descriptor text here is that it seems more appropriate information for the family page itself. All users need on the world page is a sort of cursory introduction with links. Otherwise neighbourhood pages will bloat pretty quickly. (Kiwi tea 06:11, November 2, 2010 (UTC))

More deceased Sim[edit source]

Hi, last day I was plaing with Talon and Striker household and I heared the creepy sound when a ghost appear. I checked in the flat (and in the other appartaments) but I didn´t found anything. --Nacho 16:26, November 2, 2010 (UTC)

Post the ghost in the "Deceased Sims" article under Bridgeport.

Soymilkee 18:47, November 2, 2010 (UTC)

Descriptions[edit source]

Where did we get these family descriptions? They are different in my game. Example:

What is listed:

You can not really put a stamp on the family Hemlock but the neighbors usually call them "those hippie vampires'. Morrigan, Wogan and their child Belisama like to grow fruit plasma through hydroponics and in ordinary soil, and to play music together as a family.

What is in my game:

The Hemlock family doesn't quite conform to the one label, but the neighbours often refer to them as "that hippie vampire family". Morrigan, Wogan and their child Belisama enjoy hydroponic and soil-grown plasma fruit, as well as sharing music as a family.

This is one example, it applies to all the families. Is this a difference between the game in different regions? --WoganHemlock 06:18, April 8, 2011 (UTC)

The library[edit source]

I cannot find a shelf with skill books. Am I just missing it or is this a city that doesn't have them? When I start a new character in Appaloosa Plains or Sunset Valley, one of my first priorities is filling skill-related wishes. So if someone can tell add it to the trivia section or just respond to this, it would be appreciated. JamieLee17 (talk) 19:41, December 22, 2018 (UTC)