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Female version[edit source]

For girls it would propably be Sistah and the bromance would be Sis-Mance. Do not know what the actual relationship status would say, propably just bro-mance\sis-mance. If a girl and a guy are in a bromance, the guy shows up as the girl's bromance, and the girl shows up as the guy's sismance. For what age groups can have a bromance\sismance, i guess it will be kid and up maybe? And of course diff. agegroups can have a bromance between them, even if one of them does not have the trait. So a kid could have a bromance with an elder if he wanted to. And i guess one could have a bromance even if only one of them has the "bro" trait. I'm just wondering about the premade bro-mances\sis-mances... Propably if there's a Roomies household in the TS4 basegame, one of the members would have a bro-mance with another member. I'm guessing that they will have at least one premade Bro-mance where the bromancers live together, and at least one where they live separate. Wonder if bromancers can be biologically related. Is a sibling Bro-Mance still a Bro-Mance if they're biological siblings? Propably there will be at least one premade Bro-Mance of siblings-in-law, and another of kids or something, if kids will even have bromances. And will sims even be able to have like, 5 Bro-Mances at once? Kaiko Mikkusu (talk) 18:13, June 5, 2014 (UTC)

In some forum discussions I read, it was suggested that the female version would've been called "Woo Girl". I think SimGuruRyan said that. However, in E3 preview, it's eventually called "Bro" anyway. Nikel Talk Vote! 08:02, June 14, 2014 (UTC)