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Removed stolen content[edit source]

I have removed the ghost descriptions and images taken from Sims Wiki: ---HystericalParoxysmMTS 13:59, December 5, 2009 (UTC)

Added[edit source]

Added some stuff and reorganized. --Shirviu 20:21, January 2, 2010 (UTC)

Children[edit source]

What are all the ways a child can die in The Sims 2? --- Bella Goth 19:19, February 7, 2010 (UTC)Bella Goth

They can die by drowning, fire, or disease. Anyway, what are you going to do? -- Walker guy94 12:48, February 8, 2010 (UTC)
Actually children will get taken away by the social worker if any of its needs are low. So children can only drown. They do not die in a fire they will get taken away. ArchieAndrewfan3001 13:28, February 8, 2010 (UTC)
But one of my children was burn. But everything happened very quick, the social worker didn't have the chance to come. --- Charmedthree August 3, 22:01,(UTC)
You can use a mod called WTFBBQ made by J. M. Pescado; it looks like a simple griller, but it doesn't grill meat: it grills babies! And Sims can eat it! Hilarious! --- Rodrigo X 20:57, August 3, 2010 (UTC)
Lol. Can I ask you something? I play the sims 2 and the sims 3 and I know everything about them but I don't know the sims original so good. Do sims die cause of old age in sims 1?
Actually, nope. Sims in TS1 don't age. If every sim dies in the active household and THERE IS still a child there, then the child will propably be taken away be the grim reaper or military school. - Andronikos Leventis 17:19, December 1, 2010 (UTC)
My younger sister one time (God knows how) killed a todller without fire!

What happens when the last sim in your active household dies?[edit source]

What happens? --- UBFunkaneer 21:16, May 11, 2010 (UTC)

You get a pop-up messege from the Grim Reaper when the last person in your household dies. --- Archie 21:37, May 11, 2010 (UTC)
What does it say? --- UBFunkaneer 23:33, May 28, 2010 (UTC)
In The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 at least it just states that your last active sim has died and you're taken to the neighborhood screen. A new family can move into the old house and an urn or tombstone of your last sim will be there. --- Duskey 21:03, June 9, 2010 (UTC)
By the way, nothing pops up in TS1 and if you wish you can still keep the time running in a lot with no sims at all. Boring. I preffer the TS2 message "The Sims 2 is still a LIFE Simulator". - Andronikos Leventis 17:23, December 1, 2010 (UTC)

I can speak for TS4 since that is what I am working on at the moment. First, just like TS2 and TS3, the game is over when the last teenage Sim or older dies (or when all that remains are child Sims or younger). But as the social worker does not appear on-screen in TS4, a message saying that (and a 'game over' message) is what will happen will appear instead. In addition, all business and restaurant lots owned by members of the household (all members co-own these lots regardless of which Sim was selected when they were purchased) are released back to the Community. They can be bought by anyone else with money but in general, only in an unfurnished state. (talk) 11:53, February 2, 2017 (UTC)

Death by flies[edit source]

I was wondering if a sim 3 can be eaten alive by flies, because you can get groups of flies around and old plate of food. --- 15:28, June 4, 2010 (UTC)

No, they can't be killed by flies. --- Jeve 17:19, June 4, 2010 (UTC)

The Sims Medieval Section[edit source]

I noticed a The Sims Medieval section some days ago, but I was wondering about the sources. It is interesting, but there has to be a verification.

Help?[edit source]

In the Sims 2 Pets (For gamecube) Can you die? More specific, can you die of old age? Or anything at all? 20:33, February 26, 2011 (UTC)

You can't. The Paramedic would just revive you and the pet. -- Lost Labyrinth Flag of the United Kingdom.svg (c)(b) 20:42, February 26, 2011 (UTC)
Well, when I enclosed my person in a wall with no door, she just fell to the ground...but never died.

Also, I care about the pet, not the the person.

And what would happen. I mean, when you reach the elder age? Or the flies? What? There's gotta be some way. 20:45, February 26, 2011 (UTC)
Not on console. It's possible in the PC version but sadly, not the Gamecube. -- Lost Labyrinth Flag of the United Kingdom.svg (c)(b) 20:55, February 26, 2011 (UTC)
Dang. Oh well. Maybe I'll go play the girl that lives on Feline Farms for a few days...she'll be swarming with ghost cats...although I won't speed up the process. Animal abuse just kills me :(
Oddly enough, Simurder does not.
... 20:58, February 26, 2011 (UTC)

CHILD dead by satellite?![edit source]

I was playing TS2 today, and two of my CHILDREN were looking at the clouds. ...And then a satellite came... and killed a CHILD! That isn't even supposed to be possible! True; the child used to be an adult ( I used agesimscheat to age her down), but still... She was a child when the satellite came... And when I resurrected her the grim reaper said "I see you are trying to resurrect a CHILD." So this was weird... Have anyone else experienced this? —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~

Woah, you are so lucky to experience such rare incident, ironically. :-/ Hmm... although I don't think agesims cheat will make an effect to such accident, I assume it is possible... If you still have that child alive, would you experiment him by killing him the way child isn't supposed to die? Such as starvation or disease? Nikel Talk 08:37, September 15, 2011 (UTC)
Hmm. if child sims are allowed to watch clouds, then it must be legimate for one to die BY watching cvlouds, as they're doing it! i reccomend testing it out on another child. from Simsgothgirl90.222.255.141 (talk) 16:46, December 10, 2013 (UTC)

Horses and the fire jump in The Sims 3: Pets[edit source]

I notice that the mention of Sims dying when thrown off a horse onto a fire jump keeps getting removed. Is it not true that Sims can die in that way, or is it just another way to die by fire? Dharden (talk) 04:50, December 14, 2011 (UTC)

Hi dharden, as far as I play the game I never encountered death like that, and when I search over the internet like on carl, etc, I never found a proof about those death. my conclusion is that death is fake, just like death by flea that someone added couples week ago. Wiryawan310 06:38, December 14, 2011 (UTC)
Some people on the sims 3 forum already got confirmed info that there is no new death on the sims 3 pets. So if someone post a new death on the sims 3 pets its 100% fake. Wiryawan310 06:46, December 14, 2011 (UTC)
I've seen it in youtube. It was this vid here. Skip to 0:18. It's unfortunately only 240p, but at least it's a reliable source. However, it's basically the same as death by fire.A trip to hell is an exciting experience, isn't it?10:42, December 14, 2011 (UTC)
It doesn't count as a new type of death. It's death by fire. During the Sims fan/news sites hands-on events, they asked several times about the new type of death and were told that there are no new types of death for Sims. The fire ring thing is still death by fire, that same as it is for a Sim that dies bia Fire Trap.[1]--The Black Scorpion 10:56, December 14, 2011 (UTC)
Yup, that is not a new death, but it is a new cause of death by fire. :) Wiryawan310 11:16, December 14, 2011 (UTC)
Then, IMO, it should be mentioned in the "Fire" sub-section of types of death in The Sims 3, if it is mentioned in this article at all. Dharden (talk) 15:08, December 14, 2011 (UTC)

Death by Skydive Simulator[edit source]

In section Types of Death, in The Sims 1 there is that Sims can die by Skydive Simulaor. It says that it takes approx. 21 hours. Is that in sim-time or in real time?

Patko0770 10:49, January 15, 2012 (UTC)

That's in-game time. But that could be misleading, as I don't believe the Skydive Simulator itself causes the death... I think it's a matter of motives being decreased to the point where the Sim dies, similar to how Sims drown when you delete the pool ladder in The Sims. If that's the case, the length of time it takes the Sim to die depends on what their mood was when they were initially trapped inside the simulator. -- LostInRiverview talk · blog 14:41, January 16, 2012 (UTC)
But the video showed the Sim really flew away! And is it true that he just died because of low motives? I don't suppose Sims will die if they're stuck in doing something e.g. relaxing on the bed, and you block the way until their motives hit rock bottom. IMO, the death is special because... how many death animations are there while Sims are flying? Nikel Talk 08:55, January 17, 2012 (UTC)
I've never heard of this death before... and I've seen a lot of different ones. I'm not sure on its validity. I f someone would be willing to see if it is real and not mod related or anything that would be great. ђ talk 10:50, January 17, 2012 (UTC)
I'm not sure if it's a mod... Well, I was amazed the first time I saw it. Who still has TS1 anyway? Nikel Talk 10:58, January 17, 2012 (UTC)
I returned back to my own question only now, and I can confirm that this is real type of death. I put the sim into the Simulator, blocked the exit, and when the energy motive went completely down, the sim just flew away into sky. And without mods.--Patko0770 18:47, June 14, 2012 (UTC)
I guess it can be confirmed as a real death. And I thought it has already been? Anyway, thanks for the discovery! Nikel Talk Vote for Featured Media! 02:02, June 15, 2012 (UTC)

Are there ghost in sims for 3ds?[edit source]

My sim died and now his wife is a widow.Will he come back as a ghost on the 3ds? Also will his wife ever stop crying and take a shower?Pkmnman1345 22:56, April 12, 2012 (UTC)

Pets death by fire[edit source]

Has anyone tried killing a pet with fire? MILK FOR THE UNYUUFEX, FLAT CHEST FOR THE CUTENESS THRONE, SKULLS FOR THE SKULL PROBES (user talk:Mathetesalexandrou) 02:16, May 11, 2012 (UTC)

Nope, I'll probably try it later...B) but I'm sure it won't work....:( Starmoonie 02:19, May 11, 2012 (UTC)
TBH, I was trying to test if it worked myself, as "cough cough" a part of Kallisto's social program vilifying pets, specifically dogs and cats. Oops, shouldn't have said that... (anyways, going to try it some times tomorrow) MILK FOR THE UNYUUFEX, FLAT CHEST FOR THE CUTENESS THRONE, SKULLS FOR THE SKULL PROBES (user talk:Mathetesalexandrou) 02:21, May 11, 2012 (UTC)
Now shes trying to kill animals? Is she truly that insane? lol Starmoonie 02:25, May 11, 2012 (UTC)
Insane like a BAWS. XD MILK FOR THE UNYUUFEX, FLAT CHEST FOR THE CUTENESS THRONE, SKULLS FOR THE SKULL PROBES (user talk:Mathetesalexandrou) 02:26, May 11, 2012 (UTC)
Unfortunately, it seems like pets cannot be harmed by fire, at least in a public setting. MILK FOR THE UNYUUFEX, FLAT CHEST FOR THE CUTENESS THRONE, SKULLS FOR THE SKULL PROBES (user talk:Mathetesalexandrou) 03:52, May 12, 2012 (UTC)

Watery Grave Death?[edit source]

I know that sims can die by Buried Alive trick in Showtime, but can they also die from Watery Grave? Because I experimented a bit, and used a mod which allows to turn a sim into any ghost or occult. When I opened the menu with ghosts, I noticed that Watery Grave is also an option. When I used it, the ghost looked exactly the same like if the sim drowned, and on the gravestone was image of burning to death.--Patko0770 18:54, June 14, 2012 (UTC)

Walk...Ghost cheat Fail[edit source]

One time I use sim's wife and I want make her walk like a ghost (just for test) and she died of nothing! I was WTF, even there is pop-up message that she died on other lot but will come as spirit... and still WTF, I did on sprial with SHIFT+Click and Click Walk, then click Ghost bam she died.

Note: There is 3 sims still alive and also I was playing Sims 2 :l

Showtime deaths and Losers[edit source]

Is the statement that loser sims in Sims 3 can't die from anything but old age still true for Showtime-related deaths like Human Statue and Watery Grave? I have a loser magician who Grim won't resurrect when she dies from the Buried Alive trick.

He'll only resurrect her if her pets harrass him or if she has a Death Flower on hand. I haven't tried whether she'll be resurrected from the base game's accidental deaths like burning, starving, electrocution, and drowning.

If it's of any interest, I have all the expansion and stuff packs until Sims 3: University Life. ---- —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~

I've never played a Loser or Unlucky Sim. It might be possible that EA "forgot" these traits' attribute, where Grim Reaper will resurrect them if they die. IIRC, the death by running out of air won't help them too? Nikel Talk Vote! 04:14, September 3, 2013 (UTC)
Well, there's a video showing a sim (loser/unlucky?) get revived from transmutation: It's a little odd that Box of Danger deaths can't be cheated by those two traits, although they're meant to be accidents. (talk) 14:53, September 3, 2013 (UTC)

Neighbor won't drown?[edit source]

In The Sims 2 (PC), I invited a neighbor over to my lot to get him to drown. He's a playable sim on another lot, but not playable on this lot. He's been swimming in a pool with no ladder for a full week without drowning. I know he has no energy left because he keeps complaning that I invited him to stay the night but didn't let him get any sleep, and he gets the red bed icon thought bubble (also he passed out once before he even got in the pool). Are neighbors just not able to drown? Is the fact that he's attempting to leave the lot preventing the death from triggering? Any ideas anyone? Quinne (talk) 18:19, September 29, 2013 (UTC)

I've never tried to 'kill' my neighbor in my game, but I've read some informations on several other fan pages of The Sims beside this wiki. They said that it is possibly to drown your neighbor but you can't drown NPCs, so maybe you'd like to give it another try. --Walker guy94 Talk to me! 02:05, September 30, 2013 (UTC)
I don't know the reason, but sometimes visitors seem to be immune to death? I don't know if the visitors should be invited Sims or passersby, but I'm pretty sure I've tried to mass-murder Sims in my test hood several times. Sometimes the townies who happened to be there managed to get away with the fire. They were clearly spreading the fire everywhere, but they couldn't be burned somehow. Nikel Talk Vote! 08:48, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

Types of Death[edit source]

A user, acting in good faith, removed the Types of Death sections from the article, presumably in favor of them appearing on a separate page, like Types of death. However, I had nominated 'Types of death' for deletion a few months ago, and the matter remains unresolved. I didn't want to undo the user's edit without a good explanation of why. -- LostInRiverview talk ~ blog 20:24, October 22, 2013 (UTC)

I've voiced my opinion in the deletion discussion. Nikel Talk Vote! 16:07, October 24, 2013 (UTC)

Frankenstein![edit source]

I was playing Sims 1 and my man called Simon Mitchell drank a potion and transformed into something that looked like a FRANKENSTEIN! He kept making puddles EVERYWHERE and he BROKE THE TV!!!! I made him mop up the puddles, but he gave up after he had done several puddles. Then, I remembered the TV and absent-mindedly made him fix the TV and he got electrocated. I was shocked, then I remembered the puddles. Then, I also remembered that he was a FRANKENSTEIN! —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~

I think he's a zombie. He's green, right? Nikel Talk Vote! 17:13, January 25, 2014 (UTC)

New death in TS4[edit source]

New Death in the sims 4 get to work—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 09:33, April 12, 2015 (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~

This is already mentioned in the article. --I am k6ka Talk to me! See what I have done 11:51, April 12, 2015 (UTC)

Ways for Vampires Sims to die?[edit source]

What are all the ways that vampires sims can die in the Sims 4? (talk) 22:56, October 23, 2017 (UTC)

Death types in The Sims series in relation to the real world[edit source]

This edit added a section that compares deaths in The Sims series to their real-life equivalents. Personally, I do not quite see the point of having this table, since it doesn't really help players out that much and doesn't document anything that either isn't already in the article or relevant to the game. I'd be in support of removing it. —k6ka 🍁 (Talk · Contributions) 14:03, December 28, 2018 (UTC)

Yeah, I support removing it for the same reasons. - SimDestroyer (talk) 14:15, December 28, 2018 (UTC)
Agreed. Most of these are well obvious, and those rare unusual ones could be include as external links (such as the laughter one, most players believe such death doesn't exist). DrakonoSkerdikas (talk) 23:40, February 7, 2019 (UTC)

Evil Kite[edit source]

Shouldn't that be treated as a new death type? Since the lighting variation was new and first introduce before the Seasons expansion pack. Not to mention, it kills the Sims by motive drop rather to the point of starving (according to the description of the article), so it kinda looks out of place with the other 4 miscellaneous fatal accidents that lead the Sim's to demise by reducing their hunger to the very point of zero. If that still counts as "indirect kill", than shouldn't coffin scare for example be excluded as "Other causes of death" as well (same animation as standard fright) ? DrakonoSkerdikas (talk) 19:13, February 11, 2019 (UTC)

Servo deaths in The Sims 4[edit source]

Have someone tested on Servos whether they die from fire, hysteria, mortification, cardiac explosion, electrocution, steam, poison, rabid rodent fever, freezing, overheating, lightning, flower arrangement, flies, vending machine, and falling? Gmpowers (talk) 12:35, 7 January 2021 (UTC)