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Regarding hair colour[edit source]

Correction: In the Sims 2, Flo Broke natural hair color is grey. There is no character data to justify that her hair color was blonde in the Sims 2. Even if SimPE is used, to resurrect Flo Broke, a look alike sim is cloned. The character data from the cloned sim is then used to "fill in" the missing information for Flo Broke's character files. The character data consists of the "skeleton" and appearance of the Sim. Basically, through SimPE, Flo Broke if "brought back" is a recreation from a cloned sim, and not a resurrection. Flo Broke would have all the same character data within her files from the cloned sim, having the same hair, eye, and skin color. The player would have to "tweak" the appearance of Flo Broke either through SimPE or "in game". See Resurrecting tips for more information.