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In my game, his name is James Mole Mole. Nikel23 Headcanon: Edmund Mole and Cycl0n3 Sw0rd are the same person, he's absentminded so he forgot Mole was actually already suppose to be his son's last name. Ivy and Tamara Donner are halfsisters. Tori Kimura and Noriko are full sisters, too. So are Keesa Koslov and Susan Wainwright. BTW James was born early (As in "before Bella and Morty were teens" early) and John was born less than a simweek after TS1. (Became a grandparent at about the same age as the Thebes were when Goneril was born) (also that family has kids early b\c of a slight tendency to die early in life).

John Mole and Natasha Una's "really slightly inappropriately romantic but mostly sibling-y dorky BFF that are actually very platonic despite seemingly being perfect for each other" relationship is directly ripped from their grandfather and 1st cousin once removed, Cycl0n3\Edmund Sw0rd\Mole and Blair Wainwright, respectively. To the point that Larisa used to ship Cy AKA Edmund and Blair together. But really Edmund\Cy ended up with Ivy, Blair with Gobias, John with Sharon and Natasha with Julien, so who knows anymore? And yes, John and Sharon's own grandson will have the same relationship with his own 2nd cousin & Pauline & Daniel's son, unless Pauline\Daniel were actually the ones in said relationship. With BOTH the Natasha\Julien child and the John\Sharon child shipping them. And then these two said children end up together. Of course i've grown to like romantic Cycl41r so i prefer to think Cycl0n3 and James Mole are first cousins. Kaiko Mikkusu (talk) 08:58, December 24, 2014 (UTC)

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