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More potential parodies[edit source]

  • Timothy Riley - I've already added him to the list, because it seems unlikely that he isn't a parody of John Burb. Both of them are unemployed, both wear jackets over shirts with pants. They both have the same hair colour and hairstyle, and skin colour. Both have a child daughter and seem to want to be "stay at home" fathers as neither of them are in a hurry to become employed.
  • Geoff Rutherford - To me, he seems like he could be a parody of Daniel Pleasant - both have the same zodiac sign, aspiration, hair colour and fitness level. They also have skin tones that are neither medium nor dark and they have hairstyles that are short in length. They both have facial hair and wear jackets over whitish shirts and blue jeans (Daniel) / grey pants (Geoff).
  • Connor Weir - The chances of Connor being a parody of Darren Dreamer might not be as likely as Geoff being a parody of Daniel. But both Sims have hidden family aspiration tokens, as well as family aspiration vibes. They both have ambitious aspirations - knowledge and fortune. They also have skin tones that are neither light nor tan and they have hairstyles that are short in length. They both have facial hair, glasses and the same hair colour. Their outfits are at least comparable (however faintly).
  • Nathan Gavigan - This is extremely unlikely to be a genuine parody but Nathan does look a lot like Jason Cleveland. While I disregard their clothes, both sims have short messy blonde hair, eye colours that aren't green nor brown - grey (Jason) / dark blue (Nathan). Both have light skin and the fortune aspiration. They are both married and they both have a son.

-- C.Syde (talk | contribs) 06:23, September 5, 2014 (UTC)

If the references are not obvious, then it's not a parody; it's a theory. Because a parody has to be obvious, all technical details about them are completely irrelevant. Developers clearly don't want you to rummage through the game files, look at the innocuous aspiration token, and you'd think, "Yep, he's clearly a parody of X." No, it's not clearly and these theories definitely shouldn't be that case.
Also about similar appearances... I don't think just because their hairstyle or clothes are similar would mean they're parodies. These Sims might be created by different people and they didn't realize they had made similar looking Sims. And yeah, Timothy Riley did remind me of John Burb, but their backstories don't seem to relate so I never thought he was a parody... Nikel Talk Vote! 09:53, September 5, 2014 (UTC)

Discussion of notability[edit source]

This article was marked as having questionable notability under TSW:NP two years ago, but there has not been any discussion since then regarding what to do with the article.

This article, in my opinion, falls within the "allowed content" category defined in TSW:NP, and that the content is relevant to the wiki. However, that does not automatically mean that the article itself is notable enough to be kept.

Is there any input regarding whether or not the topic of this article is notable enough to be kept? -- LiR talkblogcontribs 04:44, February 5, 2016 (UTC)

Sorry for bumping an ancient talk page, but maybe it is interesting to change the topic of Sims with paradies to Sims who are parodies. I know, especially in The Sims 3, that there are a lot of Sims based on other Sims, characters or real life people. There would be more Sims plus more information to add. DeSims (talk) 14:42, March 30, 2018 (UTC)
This seems like a good idea to me. There could be seperate sections for each game. In The Sims 3, there are Sims like Norm Cramsky who is a parody of Noam Chomsky or the Durwood family who is a parody of the cast of "Bewitched", just to name two examples. In The Sims 4, there is the Roomies household (Oasis Springs) that's a parody of "New Girl". —Gvaudoin ✉️ 15:00, March 30, 2018 (UTC)