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Related to the Bluewater Village Landgraabs?[edit source]

I'm just putting it out there that this Malcolm Landgraab could be the father of Malcolm Landgraab II. I mean, the timeline sort of makes sense, especially since it is impossible for Sunset Valley's Malcolm to be the ancestor of the Bluewater Village Landgraabs. Since he doesn't appear in IV's family tree, he may just remained buried in Roaring Heights. I still have no idea what the relation between the Sunset Valley and the Bluewater Village Landgraabs is, but maybe this Malcolm is a brother/cousin or something to Chester or Kermit Landgraab? His darker skintone could provide an explanation of why the Bluewater Village Landgraabs get darker skin by each generation. OoppDecks (talk) 07:29, November 28, 2014 (UTC)

I don't really get it.. But if you mean that this Malcolm might be the brother of kermit and father of Malcolm II, I agree with you, then Bluewater may be set at the exact time as Sunset Valley, and the Malcolm IV could be the cousin of sunset valley's malcolm.. Imasexysimlover (talk) 07:56, November 28, 2014 (UTC)
The way I was thinking was that Malcolm III was about Mortimer Goth's age, his father Malcolm II may about as old as Gunther Goth and the Roaring Heights Malcolm I envision to be around Victor Goth's age. I think Malcolm III and the Sunset Valley Malcolm are children around the same time, then Malcolm III has Malcolm IV around the time The Sims 1 takes place and dies shortly after as an adult. By looking at Malcolm IV's age, I'd say he was born around the time Cassandra Goth was a child/toddler. And since Malcolm III and Margaret Landgraab died as adults, not elders I'd say that my theory makes sense. OoppDecks (talk) 09:05, November 28, 2014 (UTC)
I disagree. This is strongly a player's theory. By now, I bet EA would've already forgotten that the Landgraab family existed in Bluewater Village, and even if they hadn't, there's very, very little possibility that they remembered the lineage and wanted to relate him to BV Landgraab family. Honestly, anyone with the name of Malcolm Landgraab can be considered as Malcolm Landgraab I, but nobody knows which is real or if it's true, and therefore this is just merely a speculation. Nikel Talk Vote! 11:50, November 28, 2014 (UTC)
It's definitely speculation. I personally believe (as do a few others I'm sure) that Malcolm Landgraab could be the distant cousin of Malcolm Landgraab III, making him the second cousin of Malcolm Landgraab IV. I also believe that Pleasantview and Bluewater Village are set around the same time. But then that would be speculation as well. -- C.Syde (talk | contribs) 05:57, December 2, 2014 (UTC)

Reviving because there is also player speculation that Admiral Landgraab is related to this Sim. Remember that all of this is just player speculation and we could go on and on about how the incredibly complex weave of family ties in the Landgraab family go about. I am opposed to inserting this material into the article, largely because 1. It may or may not be true, and we'd rather it be true than not true, and 2. This is the root of a million edit wars. --I am k6ka Talk to me! See what I have done 14:53, February 14, 2015 (UTC)

I originally helped with some of the edits because there is the some of the same information on the Landgraab's family tree with version 1 and 2, but I do agree that this is something that can spiral out of control. -- Icemandeaf (talk) 15:14, February 14, 2015 (UTC)
I think that the furthest we can say between the relations of one Landgraab and another is that... they're from the same clan; period. Unless it's explicitly stated or strongly pointed out (like Dudley and Mimi being the children of Mom and Malcolm), anything else is player speculation. It should not be included in the page because nothing suggested it be true. Nikel Talk Vote! 18:18, February 17, 2015 (UTC)
I'm sorry but I don't understand why everybody claim that Mom from The Sims (console) and The Sims Bustin' Out is the mother of Mimi and Dudley !
There never was a single moment on these 2 games were Mom says she is their mother.
Plus, it makes nonsense because at the start of The Sims (console), she isn't yet married to Malcolm Landgraab.
So please, if I missed something, let me know. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~
When I said Mom being Dudley and Mimi's mother, I didn't remember if I was stating a fact or merely a made-up example (being explicitly stated). I didn't remember if Mom really was their mother because it's an old game after all. Nikel Talk Vote! 06:48, August 6, 2015 (UTC)
I do stand by my previous comments, but I agree with what K6ka has said. We shouldn't really add this sort of information because it is 1) Speculation, 2) Potentially false, and 3) Not enough players seem to believe that it's true, or potentially true.
I did add some speculative information about a possible connection between Mrs. Crumplebottom and Agnes, about a year and a half ago, but that was partly because the information was 1) Plausible, 2) Potentially true, though not officially so, 3) I'd already found other players on the internet, that too had suggested the likelihood of this possibility. ― C.Syde (talk | contribs) 07:13, August 6, 2015 (UTC)

Reviving this old thread: I think OoppDecks and C.Syde are absolutly true, that always what I thought about the Landgraab's family tree, as long as Bluewater Village and Pleaseantview are set around the same time of course. I would add that Malcolm Landgraab from The Sims 3 is the father of Mimi and Dudley too (the developpers have surely forgotten about them since The Sims 2/Bustin'Out era, as the game designs teams evolve through the years, and they just gave him another son, Adrian). Why should it be the same Malcolm ? Because as described in The Sims 2 in the first chance card of the slacker career, he is mentioned as the CEO of Landgraab Industries, just like the Malcolm Landgraab from Moonlight Bay, Simcity 3000, and The Sims Bustin' Out. If you think his personnality in The Sims 3 pc and console is too kind, I think it's just another details that the developpers have forgotten (like Dudley and Mimi) or a scenaristic idea in order to reflect how his mother Nancy change him from a good young boy to a shady business tycoon as he is in Simcity 3000. The developpers from the console version of The Sims 3 might just have forgotten to change his "Good" personnality trait to something more cynical (not evil, because until Bustin' Out, Malcolm isn't a evil sims... Just a business tycoon maybe too overcentred about business just like his mother Nancy). It's surely speculative, but I think my theory just match the whole thing if we keep in mind the key fact that game developping teams change through the years and games, even more in such big companies like Maxis and EA Games. What do you think about it ? (talk) 17:02, March 1, 2018 (UTC)