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Console platforms, different versions[edit source]

It appears that different console platforms have different versions of an adult Malcolm. He does not always go into the same profession or marry the same person. This is going to make infoboxing and family-tree updating difficult. Dharden (talk) 22:06, December 24, 2010 (UTC)

Who is he?[edit source]

Personally I think he must be a distant cousin to Malcolm Landgraab III, making him the second cousin to Malcolm Landgraab IV.C.Syde65 (talk) 11:11, December 20, 2013 (UTC)

Actually i think it's more like this:

Gregory Landgraab + Unknown lady = Kermit Landgraab


Kermit + Kitty = Chester Landgraab & Admiral Malcolm Landgraab I


Admiral Malcolm Landgraab I + Malcolm I's wife = Malcolm Landgraab II

Admiral Malcolm Landgraab I + Stella Livorno = Magnus Landgraab, François Landgraab

Chester + Queenie = Nancy


Malcolm II + Marion = Malcolm III

Nancy + Geoffrey (né Knack) = TS3!Malcolm

Magnus Landgraab + his wife = TS1!Malcolm

François Landgraab + Veronica = Todd


Malcolm III + Margaret (neé Buckingham) = Malcolm IV

TS3!Malcolm + Hannelore = Adrien

TS1!Malcolm + "Mom" = Dudley and Mimi


Malcolm IV + Bambi = Malcolm V (Malcolm VI, Malcolm VII, etc.)

Dudley changed his name to String Bean, even if he has kids they will have the "bean" surname anyway. Mimi marries into a poorer-class family and possibly takes their surname. 

Adrien + someone (Rita Nelson?) = Posie's husband (Posie and her husband have Christina)

Todd + someone (Seema Sielen?) = someone (30-ish generations later, this "someone" gives birth to, or conceives, Oasis Landing's Gregory Landgraab.) (talk) 22:19, June 12, 2014 (UTC)

The Landgraab family tree in my opinion[edit source]

Admiral Landgraab/Gregory Landgraab -Married- Unknown

Kermit Landgraab (son/grandson/great-grandson of Gregory/Admiral Landgraab) -Married- Kitty Landgraab

Chester Landgraab (son of Kermit & Kitty) -Married- Queenie Landgraab (died young)

Malcolm Landgraab (Roaring Heights) (second son of Kermit & Kitty) -Married- Unknown/Stella Livorno (lover)

Nancy Landgraab (daughter of Chester & Kitty) -Married- Geoffrey Landgraab

Malcolm Landgraab II (son of Malcolm and ?) -Married- Marion Landgraab

Malcolm Landgraab (Sunset Valley) (son of Nancy and Geoffrey) -Married- Hannelore Landgraab

Malcolm Landgraab III (son of Malcolm II and Marion) -Married- Margaret Landgraab (both died young)

Adrien Landgraab (son of Malcolm and Hannelore) - Unknown

Malcolm Landgraab IV (son of Malcolm III and Marion) - Unknown

Malcolm Landgraab V? (possible son of Malcolm IV) -Married- Bambi Landgraab

Notes[edit source]

  • I am NOT including Momconsole MalcolmDudleyMimi and the mentioned Magnus Landgraab
  • I've listed the Nintendo DS Malcolm as the possible son of Malcolm Landgraab IV. This is just a theory based on the timeline.
  • I am not sure if the Landgraabs are more closely related to Gregory or Admiral Landgraab so I listed them both as possible parents, grandparents, great-grandparents or ancestors to Kermit.
  • I chose the Roaring Heights Malcolm as Malcolm Landgraab I since his age and his absence from the Sims 2 family tree add up. Of course the Sunset Valley Malcolm isn't Malcolm I since it would require him to be older than his own grandfather.

Suggestion to merge this page with Malcolm Landgraab (console)[edit source]

I'd like to suggest merging the two pages for Malcolm Landgraab. Both articles could be improved and it seems highly likely that they are the same person. (It definitely makes more sense than the different versions of Bob Newbie and Betty Newbie being the same people.)

I agree that he's probably a distant cousin to Malcolm Landgraab III. It's also established that he remarried (possible multiple times).

Gvaudoin (talk) 14:30, January 11, 2018 (UTC)

I'm not too entirely sure if we should be deciding whether or not all these Malcolm Landgraabs are the same people. Since the wiki is supposed to be reporting on the facts, if there are any ambiguities it may be better to keep pages separate. That being said, I noticed that there is a Sims 4 Sim on this page which should probably go on a Malcolm Landgraab (The Sims 4) and not in this article, given how TS4 is in a parallel universe. —k6ka 🍁 (Talk · Contributions) 15:07, January 24, 2018 (UTC)
Oh wait, hmm that page was already created... as a bad, low quality stub (which I have since redirected). Perhaps it's time we organized this stuff better?
Since this Malcolm Landgraab appears in more games and appears to be more prominent, perhaps we could do the following:
For the last point, though, is there any evidence that suggests the two are definitely the same person? That would be a lot of information crammed onto one page... and the excessive usage of {{Sim}} templates could possibly break the parser as those templates are not cheap to use. —k6ka 🍁 (Talk · Contributions) 15:13, January 24, 2018 (UTC)
I think your suggestion makes a lot of sense. The only real inconsistency happens with the Sims 4 version where Malcolm is younger than Bella and Mortimer while they are the same age in the Sims 3 and the console games. But the same happens with other Sims as well like the Caliente sisters who are also very different in the Sims 4 and it's meant to be an alternate universe anyway.
Regarding the templates: The article would use 5 Sim templates if we don't use the grey one at the start. Gvaudoin (talk) 18:02, January 27, 2018 (UTC)
Im 100% agree with this family tree and merging idea of pages ! M.Plènozas (talk) 02:26, March 2, 2018 (UTC)
I would also agree as it would make the information of the Landgraabs less congested and make it easier for others to find information about the Landgraabs, although a good question is whether or not consistency of Sims matters in the case of merges. Seyurian18 (talk) 09:58, March 12, 2018 (UTC)
Well, I think there are always some inconsistencies because the producers don't pay that much attention to continuity but I still agree with k6ka's suggestion and I think the article could be vastly improved by merging the pages and giving the article a better structure. In the intro it could be mentioned that he was first introdurced in SimCity 3000. After that I would use chronological order for the biography (The Sims 3 - The Sims 3 (console) - The Sims (console) - The Sims Bustin' Out (console)) with the exception of the alternate universe version from The Sims 4. Some of the notes from the end of this article would become redundant while most of the trivia from the console article could be used for the biography. Gvaudoin (talk) 14:00, March 12, 2018 (UTC)
I agree with what you say as that could help improve the article and make reading information about Malcom easier. Seyurian18 (talk) 08:09, March 13, 2018 (UTC)
I would prefer the articles remain separate for now. There isn't enough evidence to say that the two Sims are the same person, considering multiple people are purposefully named Malcolm Landgraab. Ѧüя◎ґ (talk) 16:21, March 13, 2018 (UTC)
I think this discussion has been stalled for too long. I suggest we make a decision rather soon, because as of now I imagine it's really confusing for wiki goers that a page called "Malcolm Landgraab (The Sims 3)" is where they can find information on Malcolm from The Sims 4.
I want to make the suggestion to either make a "Malcolm Landgraab (The Sims 4)" page - which would be my preference, because both Malcolms seem to be vastly different from each other - or we move this page to "Malcolm Landgraab" (while moving it's current contents to "Malcolm Landgraab (disambiguation)" as it was suggested by K6ka). - KailynnKat(talk/fanon) 19:20, November 27, 2018 (UTC)
But if we make a Malcolm Landgraab (The Sims 3) and a Malcolm Landgraab (The Sims 4) page wouldn't that mean that we need to separate the pages for Nancy Landgraab and Geoffrey Landgraab? I feel like that could trigger a chain reaction and a lot of other pages would have to be seperated too. I think that they are very clearly meant to be the same character just like the Dina Caliente and Nina Caliente who are also different in each game. So, I don't really see why Malcolm Landgraab should be the one with multiple pages. I agree that it's very confusing right now though. The best idea imo is still to rename the disambiguation page and rename this page to "Malcolm Landgraab". Just have seperate sections for each game on one page like with the Goths, the Calientes, and so many others. —Gvaudoin 💬 20:01, November 27, 2018 (UTC)
You have a point. I did see a discussion somewhere around here about seperating The Sims 4 versions from the rest or making a seperate page for every single version, but until that discussion is resolved it's probably the best for now to simply rename this page to "Malcolm Landgraab". - KailynnKat(talk/fanon) 20:10, November 27, 2018 (UTC)
I also agree to just rename this page to "Malcolm Landgraab". - SimDestroyer (talk) 20:11, November 27, 2018 (UTC)
It seems like the easiest solution to me. I'd also like to add that there has never been a lot of consistency when in comes to things like age and personality. For example, Kaylynn Langerak is a lot younger than Bella and Mortimer in The Sims 2 but she's older than them in The Sims 3. In The Sims 2, Dina is lazy and Nina is active but in The Sims 4 it's the other way round. EA should consult the Wiki when they make these characters! 😄 —Gvaudoin 💬 20:25, November 27, 2018 (UTC)

Official confirmation[edit source]

It's been confirmed that this Malcolm is a younger version of Malcolm Landgraab (console).

SimGuru Morgan talks about it on this stream:

An official version of an elder Malcolm with his family was uploaded to the Gallery by Maxis:

Gvaudoin 💬 06:57, May 25, 2019 (UTC)

I think the console page should be merged with this page then. --Sumaes01 (talk) 23:20, May 25, 2019 (UTC)
Agreed. At this point, I don't see any reason to have two separate pages for Malcolm. —Gvaudoin 💬 08:53, May 27, 2019 (UTC)
Thanks for the source! The developpers themselves have lost track of their own stories and lost the remaining consistency. Clearly, Malcolm (The Sims 3 PC) and Malcolm (console) are different Sims. The first is kind and will be the father of Adrien and the second one is evil and the father of Mimi and Dudley. Then The Sims 4 arrives, setting a new timeline and alternate versions of known Sims. Malcolm (The Sims 4) is an alternate version of Malcolm (The Sims 3), and now they say Malcolm (The Sims 4) is Malcolm (Gallery) and Malcolm (console)? Non-sense... The only logical way to see this is to say there are 3 Sims :
  • Malcolm (The Sims 3 PC) -> Malcolm (The Sims 3 console)
  • Malcolm (The Sims console / Bustin out)
  • An alternate Malcolm merging the two previous ones : Malcolm (The Sims 4) -> Malcolm (Gallery)
Then Mimi and Dudley are alternate versions of the ones from The Sims (console) and not just perfect "recreation" like the Smith family for example.
--Aster09<helper /> 14:40, May 30, 2019 (UTC)
I think it's safe to assume TS3 Malcolm and TS1 console Malcolm are meant to be one and the same. Maxis is clearly treating them as such nowadays. The Sims franchise always had a very flexible (and somewhat inconsistent) timeline. Other characters like Bob and Betty Newbie also had wildly different versions - they even had different appearances and personalities in asian versions of The Sims 1 (while still keeping translation strings intact), and appeared alive in console versions of The Sims 2 (despite being deceased in the PC version). -- Ryo205 18:49, June 4, 2019 (UTC)

I think Malcolm Landgraab (TSBO) and the other characters from the same game are from an alternate universe, just like in The Sims 4. Why ? Because we can see some inconsistance between The Sims 1 Consoles and The Sims BO, like the fact the main player is no longer a father, rich etc. Mortimer Goth and Bella Goth does no longer have Cassandra with them, Malcolm Landgraab seems in its adult stage whereas he clearly already was an elder in The Sims 1 Consoles. Plus, in The Sims 2, sims can play The Sims BO on their computer, which is strange, and Malcolm Landgraab seems fine whereas the fact we can assume that he may have lost everything by the end of The Sims BO. What do you guys think about it ? (talk) 15:05, June 2, 2019 (UTC)

Even the "original timeline" of the first three main The Sims games is filled with inconsistencies (to the point it would make more sense to just consider them all separate), so we can assume all the games follow a flexible continuity unless officially confirmed to take place in a separate continuity. -- Ryo205 18:49, June 4, 2019 (UTC)
I agree that there has always been inconsistencies, but I don't think they were big enough to call into question the whole timeline. At least the developpers never suggested alternate timelines, except for The Sims 4. The Sims 4 has clearly been officialy announced as an alternate reality. Malcolm (Gallery) being an older Malcolm (The Sims 4), Malcolm (Gallery) belongs to the Sims 4 timeline (as opposed to other recreated families that are just recreation of Sims 2 families using The Sims 4 but they still belong to The Sims 2 timeline in a lore point of view). Belonging to The Sims 4 timeline, it is not obvious to make the parallel and say that Geoffrey and Nancy are also the parents of Malcolm in the original timeline, the same way the Caliente sisters have not the same parents in the two timelines.
However I agree and understand that the developpers seem to want to merge those two Malcolm now, but even their personalities show that during The Sims 3, they were meat to be 2 distinct Sims, one good and one evil.
In my opinion, it is a little bit quick to just merge everything ignoring The Sims 4 is an alternate timeline.
It is easier and more logical to say Malcolm (The Sims 4) is an alternate version of Malcolm (The Sims 3), Malcolm (Gallery) is an alternate version of Malcolm (Bustin out), and Malcolm (The Sims 4) and Malcolm (Gallery) are the same person in The Sims 4 (but not necesseraly in the original timeline). Like that, even if we always had a flexible continuity, we don't mess it up even more.
--Aster09<helper /> 19:14, June 4, 2019 (UTC)
I don't understand why this specific inconsistency would call the whole timeline into question while all the other inconsistencies don't. Most Sims who've appeared in multiple versions of the game have had a variety of conflicting personality traits, zodiac signs, and aspirations.
Malcolm is sometimes good and sometimes evil but I disagree that the child from TS3 was never meant to be a young version of the old Malcolm from earlier games and I don't think that the simplest solution is to try and differentiate multiple versions.
A lot of articles seem to reach for ways to explain inconsistencies but that's not the not actually helpful to anyone looking for information. The Wiki should present the information from the games and point out inconsistencies in the articles. There is no need to try to find explanations for everything. —Gvaudoin 💬 21:20, June 4, 2019 (UTC)
I think we've reached a point where asking a SimGuru about this on twitter would be easier than trying to parse out the timelines ourselves. Ѧüя◎ґ (talk) 21:24, June 4, 2019 (UTC)
I can do that but SimGuru Morgan has already confirmed it on this livestream:
Quote from Morgan at 01:09:32 "Mimi is the daughter of Malcolm Landgraab who in The Sims 4 is a teenager... in The Sims 4 starting off. So, in like the other Sims games, he is like a villainous tycoon."
I don't even know what more confirmation anyone could want at this point but if anyone wants me to ask a specific question on Twitter I'll do it. —Gvaudoin 💬 21:50, June 4, 2019 (UTC)
"I don't understand why this specific inconsistency would call the whole timeline into question while all the other inconsistencies don't." -> Because this one is about family relationships. Inconsistencies about traits, personnalities or even memories are just minor changes to adapt the game at each new generation or because the developpers made mistakes. But again they are minor and do not change the whole lore behind. Saying that Malcolm (The Sims 3) is Malcolm (TSBO) is a serious change in the lore itself since until now Malcolm (The Sims 3 PC) and Malcolm (The Sims 3 console) were supposed to be the same Sim. If you have others inconsistencies this big, I will be glad to read them (Bob and Betty Newbie were mentionned, but in The Sims 2 console they are clearly different Sims and the articles should be split in my opinion, but this is another discussion).
"The Wiki should present the information from the games and point out inconsistencies in the articles." -> I agree. However our ideas to do it seems to differ. The livestream is not clear enough to consider it as a confirmation for merging all these Malcolm (again in my opinion). You can interpret it as "merge them" or you can interpret it as Malcolm (Gallery) is an alternate version of Malcolm (TSBO) because you know for a fact that TS4 is an alternate timeline. And as I said, it is not because Geoffrey and Nancy are the parents of the TS4 version of Malcolm (TSBO), that this is the case in the original timeline.
I am just looking at the facts and linking them to try to extract the exact meaning of what this SimGuru said:
  1. Malcolm (TS3 PC) is Malcolm (TS3 console). Source: Malcolm's bio in console ("moved from Sunset Valley). He is good. Father of Adrien.
  2. Malcolm (TS1) is evil. Father of Mimi and Dudley.
  3. TS4 is an alternate timeline.
  4. Malcolm (TS4) is an alternate version of Malcolm (TS3).
  5. Malcolm (Gallery) is Malcolm (TS4) but older.
I can only find one solution to make it logical, without breaking the lore.
I am talking, I am talking but to be honest I am pretty sure you are right and what you said is what they meant. But I am not buying this, even if it is from a SimGuru, because I am quite sure that so many people put their hands on the lore that now not many SimGuru might know well the lore like wikis communities know it, and so they tend to make discutable statements...
--Aster09 <helper /> 23:01, June 4, 2019 (UTC)
Imo the best idea would be to keep The Sims 4 stuff, move The Sims 3 stuff to "Malcolm Landgraab (The Sims 3)" and merge Malcolm Landgraab (console) with this article, he's the first Malcolm Landgraab that was introduced after all; since Malcolm from The Sims 4 was confirmed to be a younger version of the elder Sim that is an alternative timeline version of Malcolm from The Sims for consoles, he shouldn't therefore be in the same article as Malcolm from SV, even though his parents' names are Nancy and Geoffrey (it could be a coincidence after all, or an easter egg made by the creators, or they just merged Malcolm from TS1 for consoles and TS3 to create him and decided to use Nancy and Geoffrey as his parents)
Malcolm from console versions of The Sims isn't the same Sim as the Sunset Valley Malcolm, since Malcolm is already an adult and has a wife and a teenage son in The Sims 3 for console; he wouldn't have time to have 2 adult kids by the time of The Sims for consoles, and since Mimi and Mortimer are in the same life stage there, Malcolm (from consoles) is in the same generation as Mortimer's parents and Malcolm's (TS3) parents, so he's most likely Nancy's brother that moved out (like Frida), but it's only a theory, a The Sims theory Jaceu (talk) 18:33, 6 June 2021 (UTC)