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This whole article seems like an advertisment for the game and not an article about the game. This page need some clean up.

Freetime? For mac?[edit source]

Will the sims 2 freetime ever come out for macintosh?!? (please god please god please god!) MrWoof 16:24, September 13th, 2009

Prima Guide lies[edit source]

Prima Guide has the most lies on FreeTime. These include:

  • The LTA milestones, which in fact, teaching toddler nursery rhyme and collecting all vacation mementos don't contribute to Sim's LTA.
  • They said CAS Sims already achieve default milestones e.g. first kiss or first woohoo. Actually, adult CAS Sims get the loss for not achieving those milestones! CAS Sims who have a CAS child will not get the first woohoo milestones, which is the biggest contributor for LTA. Use the batbox to prove it.
  • Toddlers cannot use their LTA Benefit... which is another lie.
  • Massive Attraction benefit adds +80 attraction... I trust Cyjon more saying it's +40.
  • They have wrong icons for Knowledge LTA Benefit lol.
  • They displayed a sneak peek for the secret hobby lots... which are used in the testing version, resulting a big difference (especially for Desirable Discourse). Though it's fun to find out what has been changed before the game came out with.
  • To ballet dance, they said the Dance career reward, the better barre, must be present on the lot, while it's not true.
  • The type of food eligible for food contest is limited. Again, a lie.

- Nikel Talk Vote! 07:30, July 10, 2012 (UTC)

FreeTime ignores death[edit source]

After installing FreeTime, something strange occured. One of the townies, Carla McCullough, accidentally died in a large fire at Capp Manor caused by a lightning. She was in the adult life stage when this happened. A short time after that, one of my sims in the neighborhood aged into an elder, and there was the option available to age Carla into an elder although she already was dead at that point. And it worked, after her headshot is that of an elder by now. Did this occur to anyone else too? (talk) 21:48, May 1, 2014 (UTC)