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Talk:The Sims 3/Patch 42

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Added features[1][edit source]

Create a Sim[edit source]

  • Clothing Filters
Filters clothes from specific custom, stuff pack, expansion pack, store, or base game content
  • "Bald Hairstyle" and "No Eyebrows"
  • Three alien sliders: "Alien Eyes Modifier", "Alien Ears" and "Alien Eyes"
  • New skin tone: "Alien Skin Tone"
  • "Freezing to Death" added as death type

Memories[edit source]

  • Memories can be disabled via the game options menu.
  • At the game UI, there is a shortcut button to “Capture This Moment".

Build, Buy and Edit Town[edit source]

  • There are new icons for collection folders relating to Seasons.
  • Blueprint mode is added.
  • Three new Terracotta roof patterns are added.
  • The community lot type under "Change Lot Type" in Edit Town mode now has a scroll bar.

Interactions between Sims[edit source]

  • New Attraction System
Sims have another way to find a potential Romantic interest. The game now includes an auto-romance-detector which tells players when their Sims are attracted or want to get to know another Sim.
The game will auto generate notifications when your Sim wants to "get to know a Sim better". Also, the "Attractive Company" moodlet appears when your Sim is attracted to another Sim who is in the room.

Others[edit source]

Requires The Sims 3: Seasons to work
  • Seasonal Lot Maker
  • Greetings Cards
No need for Seasons
  • Ocean Swimming
  • Diving Board
  • Updated Cloud System
The sky files have been updated to better show off changes in clouds. Towns such as Sunlit Tides and Appaloosa Plains now have visible, changing, cloud systems.

Reference[edit source]