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Few notes about this patch 69[edit source]

I just reinstall all my sims 3 game via origin 3 days ago (since all my original copy of dvd game installer was damaged), now I just wanna give some advice (plus and minus about it).


  • This patch feature "official expansion pack manager" is nice, you can select which expansion pack you wanna play. no more 3rd party tool needed.
  • New neighborhood! (sort of.....)


  • This patch only strengthen the drm, even the securom was removed the launcher cannot be bypassed anymore and you need origin running to start the launcher. I haven't try nraas nocd mod but I assume it is cannot be used now. The launcher alone is took a lot of memory in my old computer when running (almost 1.2GB).
  • Since this game need origin to run, you cannot play on offline computer forever like before. yes origin can be used offline mode but it is only for 40 days. after 40 days you need internet connect the origin online to get another 40 more days offline again.
  • No bug fix at all.

Additional notes:

  • If you already updated your game via origin and have "illegal aka pirated version" of the game installed along side your original game. Your pirated version of the game will not working since you only can choose your original registered copy of the game. The result is your save game will not working if contain something from disabled pirated version expansion/stuff packs.
    • How to fix if i already updated my game? buy the original game! it only cost +/- $2 for each stuff packs and +/- $5 for expansion pack (with +/- $60 and you got it all except katy perry stuff pack) on steam in the last winter sale. For katy perry stuff, you can get on amazon or ebay or another stores that still sell physical copy of the pack (I recommended on ebay since I see a trusted seller sell it cheap). The game key you purchased from steam can be redeemed on origin directly giving you 2 copies of the game (1 on steam and 1 on origin).
      • Another fix is download the dvd somewhere in the internet, reinstall the game, and update it to patch 67, do not update it to patch 69.

For now I will stick with origin version, since I have no problem with it and also I dont want to download another 30Gb to replace my dvds.... Wiryawan310 (talk) 04:24, January 6, 2017 (UTC)