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Orphaned Sims[edit source]

I removed the following information for some reasons:

==Orphaned Sims==
Some Sims in Vista Beach don't actually have a family. The only presently-known two are teenage girls. They seem to have no household, adult, family, or even a way to simply make money. Some believe that these two are preloaded simply to marry into your character's household, but this hasn't quite been verified.

#Jennifer Jackson
#Lyne Wilson

First, it's very common in the game that Sims appear to have no family, even if they're teenagers and children, such as NPCs and townies. They don't have any familial relationships with anyone in the game, because creating family members for each townie will severely bloat the saved games.

Second, who are they? Are they townies or NPCs? Are they even premade? Are you sure the are "preloaded"? They could possibly be generated in-game. There was no reliable source to this information, so I removed it. Nikel Talk Vote! 08:40, September 30, 2013 (UTC)