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"{{{redirect}}}" redirects here. For other uses, see For (disambiguation).
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Description[edit source]

This template is used at the top of pages for simple disambiguations.

Syntax[edit source]

Type {{For|something|page name|optional second pagename}}

If a page redirects here, you can use

"name of redirect" redirects here. For something, see page name and optional second pagename.

Sample output[edit source]

{{for|the help pages|Help:Contents|Help:Main Page}} gives...
For the help pages, see Help:Contents and Help:Main Page.
{{for|2=Help:Contents}} gives...
For other uses, see Help:Contents.
{{for|redirect=Garrett|other people named Garrett|Garrett (disambiguation)}} gives...
"Garrett" redirects here. For other people named Garrett, see Garrett (disambiguation).

See also[edit source]

Template:For on Wikipedia.

TemplateData[edit source]

This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by the VisualEditor and other tools.

TemplateData for For

This template adds a "For <this>, see <that>" hatnote at the top of the article. It can also be used to say "For other users, see <this>" and "<this> redirects here. For <that>, see <that>."

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.


A phrase describing the major alternative, or a general term for all alternative meanings

"other people with the name John", "the celebrity named John"
First link2

A page to link to. This is usually a disambiguation page or the other most likely meaning.

{{PAGENAME}} (disambiguation)
"John Doe (journalist)", "John Doe (disambiguation)"
Second link3

A page to link to for another meaning, if any.


If a page redirects here that is similar to the name you're trying to link to, specify the name of that page.

Jon Doe

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