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Chooses categories for type, buy and game parameters of {{Infobox object}}.
{{GetObjectCats|<parameter name>|<value>}}
Appliances Aspiration rewards Career rewards Craft-making objects
appliance aspiration reward career reward craft, crafting
Decorative objects Electronics Food Game objects
curtain, curtains, drapes, rug, painting, sculpture, statue, mirror, fountain, planter, flower, flowers, decorative small electronics, electronics hunger, food game
Objects used in gardening Garden plants Instruments Money-making objects
gardening garden plant instrument money
Mood-altering objects Neighborhood objects Outdoor plants Plants
motive, fun, social, comfort, bladder, hygiene, energy, room, environment, mood, moodlet, needs neighborhood outdoor plant plant
Objects for professions Objects that change Simology Skill objects Special items
profession simology skill, skills special
Toys Vehicles Rabbit holes Mods
toy vehicle rabbit hole mod
Hacked objects
hacked objects

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