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This template is a simplified version of the green header from <div class="greenbar">.

  • text · Optional - The text for the header.
  • icon · Optional - The icon for the header. The value should omit the File: namespace, e.g. Example.png.
  • iconsize · Optional - Requires icon. The width of the icon. The default value is 50px. May be necessary for small icons like icons from The Sims 2. Remember that different icons with the same width (e.g. 50px) may have different height! To set the height of the icon with variable width, set the iconsize value with a preceding "x". Example: x25px.
  • iconlink · Optional - Requires icon. The icon link. Default not set.
  • iconpos · Optional - Requires icon. If the value is right, the icon will appear on the right; left otherwise.

The following code:

{{Headergreen|text=Text here}}

... will produce:

Text here

{{Headergreen|icon=W newspaper.png|text=Text here}}

... will produce:

W newspaper.png
Text here

{{Headergreen|icon=Backstory Render LL.png|text=Text here|iconsize=x50px|iconlink=Lunar Lakes|iconpos=right}}

... will produce:

Backstory Render LL.png
Lunar Lakes

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