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Infobox game
Box art for Infobox game
Developer(s) {{{developer}}}
Publisher(s) {{{publisher}}}
Distributor(s) {{{distributor}}}
Designer(s) {{{designer}}}
Ratings {{{ratings}}}
Series {{{series}}}
Release date(s) {{{release}}}
Technical information
Engine {{{engine}}}
Aspect ratio {{{aspect ratio}}}
Native resolution {{{resolution}}}
Version {{{version}}}
Platform(s) {{{platform}}}
Mode(s) {{{modes}}}
Media {{{media}}}
System requirements {{{requirements}}}
Input methods {{{input}}}
Game features
Genres {{{genre}}}
Themes {{{theme}}}
Creatures {{{creature}}}
Neighborhoods {{{neighbor}}}
Worlds {{{world}}}
Gameplay additions {{{gameplay addition}}}
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Used for condensed info on all articles on games.


All fields other than "name" are optional. For a full list of each field, scroll down.

{{Infobox game
|name         = 
|image        = 
|caption      = 
|developer    = 
|publisher    = 
|distributor  = 
|designer     = 
|series       = 
|engine       = 
|aspect ratio = 
|resolution   = 
|version      = 
|platform     = 
|release      = 
|genre        = 
|modes        = 
|ratings      = 
|media        = 
|requirements = 
|input        = 
|theme        = 
|creature     = 
|neighbor     = 
|gameplay addition = 


  • Image: Only official box art from an EA website. If none is available, use File:No official image.png.
  • Platforms: Use any of the following, seperated by commas:
[[Wikipedia:Microsoft Windows|Windows]]
[[Wikipedia:iPhone OS|iPhone OS]]
[[Wikipedia:Macintosh|Mac OSX]]
  • Release date: Uses {{vgrelease}}. Please include a reference to a source if the game is still under development. Examples includes:
{{vgrelease|NA=September 2, 2014}}
{{vgrelease|AUS=September 4, 2014}}
{{vgrelease|EU=September 4, 2014}}
  • Genre: It's almost always [[wikipedia:Life simulation|Life simulation]]
  • Modes: Almost always [[wikipedia:Single-player|Single-player]]
  • Ratings: Uses {{Vgratings}}. Examples are:
  • Media:
[[Wikipedia:Compact Disc|CD]]
[[Wikipedia:Digital distribution|Download]]
  • Input: Almost always: [[wikipedia:Keyboard (computing)|Keyboard]], [[wikipedia:Mouse (computing)|mouse]]
  • Theme: See Theme.


There's not much use in re-citing stuff such as engine, aspect ratio, native resolution, platform, genre, modes, media, requirements and input for content packs, unless it's changed.

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