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Infobox object
Game {{{game}}}
Buyability {{{buy}}}
Price in game {{{price}}}
Selling price {{{sell}}}
Object type(s) {{{type1}}}
Size {{{size}}}
Number of uses {{{uses}}}
Badge required {{{badge}}}
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Infobox for objects. Uses {{GetObjectCats}}.


{{Infobox object|<...>}}

Copy and paste the information below into an Object's page and then add the information after the "=" with the information of the object.

{{Infobox object
|name       = 
|desc       = 
|image      = 
|game       = 
|buy        = 
|price      = 
|type1      = 
|type2      = 
|type3      = 
|type4      = 
|type5      = 
|size       = 
|uses       = 
  • Types:
    • Use type or type1...type5
    • Skill, needs, money, toy, crafting, decorative, appliance, aspiration reward, career reward, electronics, food, vehicle, special, others, etc. A complete list is at {{GetObjectCats}}.
  • Buyability
    • Buy mode (for objects available in Buy mode), Build mode (for objects available in Build mode), Community lot (for objects bought on community lots)
    • Limited (rewards/unlockable)
    • No (NPC object/scenario objects)
  • Uses
    • Use for objects which have a limited number of uses, or can only be used for a limited amount of time.

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