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An editor has requested that a local copy of this file be kept
This file may be available on the Wikimedia Commons as Template:Keep local. While the license of the file may be compliant with the Commons, an editor has requested that a local copy be kept too. This file is not eligible for CSD F7. If you want to nominate this file for deletion, notify the tagging editor.
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Description[edit source]

This template is used to tag files that may be eligible for transfer to either the Wikimedia Commons or the Miraheze Commons, but where an editor has requested that a local copy be kept for a variety of reasons. Usually, local copies of files that are at high risk may be kept even if they exist on or are eligible for Commons.

Usage[edit source]

Simply type {{Keep local}} on the file page to tag it. By default it links to the Wikimedia Commons. If the file is on the Miraheze Commons, use {{Keep local|miraheze=yes}}.

If the name of the file on Commons is different from the one on The Sims Wiki, type {{Keep local|<name of file on Commons>}}. For example, {{Keep local|File:Example.jpg}}.

To leave an optional explanation, type {{Keep local|reason=<your reason here>}}.

This template adds files to Category:Files where a local copy has been requested to be kept.

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