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The MGL (short for "Master Games List") is a list of all The Sims games, including groupings for the games. The MGL is used to reduce the number of templates that need to be edited when a new game is announced. If used, the template will take an input name and output a "group" abbreviation for the game. If the input does not appear on the list, there will be no output. For example:

{{MGL|The Sims 3: Movie Stuff}} outputs: TS3. However, {{MGL|Streets of SimCity}} outputs:

The MGL is used by the game color templates. Adding a game to this list allows infobox templates to display accurate colors for the particular game. The colors displayed are dependent on the game name, and the colors themselves are controlled by the various game color templates.

When adding a new game to this list, be sure to update {{Vgcode}} and {{Vgcoderev}} as well.

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