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Under construction
This template is still under construction or undergoing testing and should NOT be used in articles other than sandboxes and testing pages. If you wish to participate in the development of this template, contact the author or use the talk page.
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This page may meet The Sims Wiki's criteria for speedy deletion as a page created by a blocked/sanctioned user in violation of their block or editing restriction.
The page was created by a user who was blocked at the time of the page's creation (and is thus violating their block), or was prohibited from creating the page according to an editing restriction placed on them. See CSD G5.

If this page does not meet the speedy deletion criteria, please remove this notice, but do not remove this notice from pages that you have created yourself. If you disagree with the deletion nomination, please click the button below and leave a message explaining why you think it should not be deleted. You can also visit the talk page to check if you have received a response to your message.

Note that this page may be deleted at any time if an administrator or content moderator believes it meets the speedy deletion criteria, or if an explanation posted at the talk page is found to be insufficient.

Administrators: Please check links, history (last), and logs before deleting.

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Description[edit source]

This template is used to tag pages for speedy deletion as having been created by a user in violation of their current block, or in violation of an editing restriction, under G5.

Usage[edit source]

Simply add {{Speedydelete - created by banned user|<Name of blocked/sanctioned user>}} to the page to tag it. The following parameters are available:

  • rationale - Used to add additional reasoning/explanation to your nomination.
  • nocat - Disables the category-adding functionality. Used on help/test pages.
  • notemp - Disables the speedy deletion nomination template text.