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The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Gallery
TS4 Gallery logo.png
The Sims 4 Gallery logo, used on the web version

For a list of pre-made lots in the Gallery, see The Sims 4 Gallery/List of lots.

The Sims 4 Gallery is an online custom content exchange for The Sims 4. It allows players to share Sims, families, households, rooms and buildings with other players, and allows players to instantly add other player creations directly into the game. Unlike previous exchanges, the Gallery is fully integrated into The Sims 4,[1] and content can be added to the gallery directly from within the game, or downloaded and immediately used in-game. The Gallery is also accessible through[2] or The Sims 4 Gallery app,[3] even for people who do not have The Sims 4.

The Gallery was made available to console versions of The Sims 4 on January 16, 2020. Console players are freely able to share content with PC and Mac players, and vice versa.[4]

Access[edit | edit source]

The Gallery is accessible in The Sims 4. The Gallery is opened by clicking on an icon in the top right corner of the screen featuring several picture frames.

The Gallery is accessible outside the game through the gallery website and through the official gallery apps. The Gallery's web address is While the Gallery website is accessible to everyone, browsing, searching, commenting, liking, and downloading is limited to only those people who log into Origin.[2] Additionally, the Gallery is available as a mobile application on the Google Play store and the App Store, for Android and iOS devices, respectively.[3] Gallery content can be viewed with the app, then saved to "My Library" to be downloaded and added to The Sims 4 automatically the next time it loads. As with the Gallery website, an Origin login is required in order to like, share or comment on any content in the Gallery.

Navigation[edit | edit source]

Clicking on the aforementioned icon will send players to the Gallery's News page. Across the top of the screen, players will find several tabs and an exit button. The tabs are as follows;

  • Gallery: This is where the bulk of the community's work will appear. It is not initially filtered by item type, but what has been favorited within the past week. Creations can be filtered by time, type, likes, etc. Individual creations can also be searched for.
  • Spark'd Challenges: Here, players can view information related to the current Spark'd challenge, as well as vote on other players' entries.
  • News: This will allow players to see what's popular and what their friends have liked, as well as other relevant news.
  • User Homepage: This tab will be named after the player's account. Here, they can view their friends, followers and accounts they follow, as well as any comments people have left on their homepage, and the uploads they are (optionally) showcasing.
  • My Library: This is where all of the player's creations and downloads can be found. From there, they can add them to the game.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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