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In The Sims Social, house value level is the value of the items/objects on the lot and in storage. The household level increases whenever the player buys an item. Household level determines a Sim's wealth.

House Level House Value Needed House Level Name
Level 1 0 Roof-Over-Your-Head
Level 2 29K Basic Pad
Level 3 30K Modest Pad
Level 4 31.5K Refurbished Pad
Level 5 33.5K Comfortable Pad
Level 6 36K Rad Pad
Level 7 39K Home Sweet Home
Level 8 42.5K Basic Condo
Level 9 46.5K Modest Condo
Level 10 51K Mondo Condo
Level 11 56K Comfortable Condo
Level 12 61.5K Classic Condo
Level 13 67.5K Homestead
Level 14 74K Happy Homestead
Level 15 81K Cute Cabin
Level 16 88.5K Refurbished Cabin
Level 17 96.5K Comfortable Cabin
Level 18 105K Rugged Ranch
Level 19 114K Immobile-Home
Level 20 123.5K Cute Crib
Level 21 133.5K Modest Crib
Level 22 144K Refurbished Crib
Level 23 155K Comfortable Crib
Level 24 166.5K Sweet Crib
Level 25 178.5K Cosy Hideaway
Level 26 191K Basic Chalet
Level 27 204K Modest Chalet
Level 28 217.5K Refurbished Chalet
Level 29 231.5K Flashy Chalet
Level 30 246.5K Posh Chalet
Level 31 262.5K Rural Cottage
Level 32 279.5K Country Cottage
Level 33 297.5K Classic Cottage
Level 34 316.5K Cosy Cottage
Level 35 336.5K Desirable Cottage
Level 36 357.5K Basic House
Level 37 379.5K Modest House
Level 38 402.5K Refurbished House
Level 39 426.5K Comfortable House
Level 40 455.5K Desirable House
Level 41 489.5K Feathered Nest
Level 42 528.5K Basic Town House
Level 43 572.5K Modest Town House
Level 44 621.5K Tasteful Town House
Level 45 675.5K Comfortable Town House
Level 46 734.5K Desirable Town House
Level 47 798.5K Exclusive Let
Level 48 867.5K Elegant Residence
Level 49 941.5K Luxurious Residence
Level 50 1020.5K Extravagant Residence