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This page represents a community guideline, based off past precedent and discussions. It is not a binding policy, but should be acknowledged when making decisions and followed unless there is a sufficient reason not to follow it. Please suggest changes to this guideline on the talk page.
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The fundamental principles by which The Sims Wiki operates have been summarized by editors in the form of five 'pillars':

The Sims Wiki is an encyclopedia of facts and information. Most articles (with notable exceptions) should have relevant and factual information.

The Sims Wiki has a neutral point-of-view; articles should not be written in a particular "slant" and all facts must be verifiable.

The Sims Wiki is free content; appropriate copyright laws must be respected, but the articles on the wiki are the collaborations of many people and are not owned by any person or group of people.

Wiki Users should interact positively with each other; if there is a disagreement, users should seek constructive resolutions rather than resorting to name-calling, harassment, edit wars, or other discouraged behavior. Users should be welcoming to new users and should assume good faith.

There are no firm rules; when editing an article, sometimes the best solution is to ignore all preconceptions and be bold. Remember that every action on The Sims Wiki can be undone if needed.

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