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Official Policy
This is an official wiki policy. This policy is a product of community consensus, and alterations to it are determined by consensus. This policy should be strongly considered when making any edits. Failure to adhere reasonably to policies may result in consequences.
To discuss, change or revoke a policy, please start a thread in the Community Discussions forum.
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These policies cover the creation of wiki content, including community content and fan fiction. Changes to these policies should be proposed and discussed on the talk page.

Player stories[edit source]

The Sims Wiki policy on Player stories. See also The Sims Wiki's Fanon policy for rules regarding fan fiction, and its placement in the Fanon Namespace.

  1. No player-created character (CAS) player stories should exist in the main namespace of the wiki. If a CAS page has been created it should be moved to the Fanon namespace or, if it is in need of cleanup to meet Fanon namespace standards, to the user's namespace, i.e. prefixed with "User:<username>". Users can write stories in their blog, on a user page, or in the Fanon namespace.
  2. Player stories for pre-made characters and neighborhoods are not to be placed on any article in the main namespace, or in an article talk page or an article sub-page.
  3. Numerical ages are considered player stories as they are presumptive of information that is not cited and should not be included in Sim articles or infoboxes.
  4. Due to a community discussion and consensus, as of 24 August 2012 Player Stories are no longer be hosted on subpages of main articles (e.g. 'Bella Goth/Player stories'). Reintroduction of Player Stories on subpages of main namespace articles must be approved by community consensus beforehand.

The original Player Stories Policy took effect as of 27 October 2008. The revised policy has taken effect as of 24 August 2012.

User Created Contests[edit source]

The Sims Wiki policy on User Created Contests.

  1. For administrative purposes, the creator of a contest must be a registered user.

This User Created Contests Policy has taken effect as of 20 July 2010.

Fanon Policy[edit source]