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IRC Channel Operators
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Chat moderators are users who are able to carry out administrative functions in Chat such as kicking and banning disruptive users. All administrators are implicitly chat moderators already. Chat moderators will have a gold star next to their name to differentiate them from users who are not chat moderators. A list of non-admin chat moderators can be found below:

User Promotion date Country Current status
Bakerychaz (talk) &2012-11-05November 5, 2012 &New ZealandFlag of New Zealand New Zealand Inactive
ColinThePanda (talk) &2012-09-23September 23, 2012 &ScotlandFlag of Scotland Scotland Inactive
GAHSIcepick (talk) &2013-02-18February 18, 2013 &United StatesFlag of the United States United States Inactive
RossInSA (talk) &2013-07-17July 17, 2013 &South AfricaFlag of South Africa South Africa Inactive

What Chat moderators may do[edit source]

Chat moderators are entrusted with tools to protect Chat from disruptive behavior by warning, kicking and/or banning disruptive individuals. Aside from this, Chat moderators are equal to other users of the Chat.

What Chat moderators may not do[edit source]

Chat moderators may not use their tools to take advantage of users or to take over the Chat. They must not ignore the needs and wants of Chat users, and they must never use their tools for personal reasons or against non-disruptive users. Chat moderators that abuse their tools may have their status removed.

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