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July 2018 Community News
July 2018 Community News

Hello, and welcome to the July 2018 Edition of The Sims Wiki Community News! I, your Canadian host, K6ka, recently celebrated my country's 151st birthday, and I'm not ashamed to say that Canada is better than the U—

...Er, wrong place for that. My apologies for going off topic! Let's just ignore the fact that this came out only one day late and get on with...

Brand spankin' new infoboxes!

Do yourself a favor and go to a random article on a Sim. Notice something different? Really different? The little box on the right side of the article looks quite different, doesn't it? It looks more... Modern. Stylish. Clean. Less nostalgic? Probably! We call that box an "infobox", and it's probably one of the most memorable parts about The Sims Wiki!

Over the course of June we've been working on polishing this new infobox design, and we had migrated a number of other infoboxes as well, such as the one for objects and worlds. The Sim infoboxes, however, were the most numerous, but after we were confident that we had ironed out the kinks, we migrated almost all of the Sim infoboxes within the course of a few hours via the use of bots.

If you miss the old infobox design already, don't fret; they're still around! LostInRiverview wrote up a really nice blog post here before that mad bot frenzy detailing what was going to happen to the old infobox templates. In short, they're staying for legacy purposes and so fanon authors can choose to use the new design or stick with the old.

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New featured article for the month!

The Temperature article has been selected to be the featured article for the month of July 2018! Featured articles are hand-picked selections from the community that are crowned as being one of the best articles we have. Featured articles are chosen based on their readability and the amount of information they contain, and they're not chosen by a secretive council, but by community members—people like YOU! To nominate or vote for an article, read the instructions here, and then either make a nomination or vote for an existing one.

Hey listen! Join Discord today!

We've cruised well past the halfway point to 700 members on our Discord server! WoooW!! Be sure to invite your friends and fellow Simmers onto the server if they aren't a member already, as we'd certainly like to hit 800 members by the start of August! Discord, for those who don't know, is a social communication platform that offers awesome stuff like LIVE Internet text chat, LIVE Internet voice chat, the ability to hang out with your friends on a service with many useful features like BOTS and EMOJIS and even the ability to share files and edit your own messages... oh, and it's FREE! Visit their website if you want to get to know more about the platform, and read our page on our server here to know more about how amazing our Discord server is! Once you're ready to join, click that "Connect" button below this paragraph! It's impossible to miss!! (unless you're blind and don't have a screen reader)

By clicking "Connect", you agree to abide by the server rules.

Server news

A few changes to the channel organizational structure were made. First off, the "Discord" channel category, which lists server-related channels, has now been moved to the very top so it's more visible and easier to see. We've placed the rules and the FAQs you see on our The Sims Wiki:Discord page onto the server so that people don't have to leave Discord in order to read the rules and the answers to their frequently asked and answered questions. We've also created a #role-request channel to simplify the process of requesting the "Confirmed wiki user" and "Trusted" user roles in the hopes of encouraging users to seek out these roles and become more active on the server.

Our new logo!

Fellow Discord user TheMarmaliser has also successfully coerced convinced the server operators to create a channel for his aviation adventures in airline simulator games! If you're interested in joining him as he proceeds to build his virtual airline empire and connect the world to the skies, hop on #planes-and-airlines and fasten your seat belts (and hope he doesn't crash)!

The server also has its own logo now! It's nothing snazzy, but hey, every good server must have a logo with at least some degree of awesomeness, right?

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If you Americans are, for some reason, jealous that we Canadians got our special day yesterday, just remember that you guys get your day three days after ours! For the rest of the world, we hope that you don't get into such silly disputes with your neighbors over who gets to celebrate the birthday of their nation first. Happy July! —k6ka 🍁 (Talk · Contributions) 23:23, July 2, 2018 (UTC)

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