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June 2018 Community News
June 2018 Community News

Welcome to the June edition of The Sims Wiki Community News. No doubt The Sims 4: Seasons is taking up headlines now... but here on the wiki, we have our own stuff to report on too!

We would like to congratulate IsaiahScribblenauts for his successful nomination for rollback. This is the first successful request we've had for the rollback permission since 2016.

For those not familiar with "rollback" here on The Sims Wiki, it refers to a user permission that grants access to the "rollback" tool on the wiki, which allows problematic edits to quickly be reverted in one click. To read more about it, click here, and if you think you would be a good fit for this, you can file a self-nomination for the permission here.

New featured article for the month!

The The Sims 4: City Living article has been selected to be the featured article for the month of June 2018! For those who don't know what a featured article is, it is an article that the community here selects as being one of the best articles (in terms of readability, the amount of information it contains, and whether or not it is well written and free of errors) we have. We generally select a new one every month, and are chosen through votes from the community. To nominate or vote for an article, read the instructions here, and then either make a nomination or vote for an existing one.

Hey listen! Join Discord today!

Last month I posted about how our Discord server passed 500 members. As I write this, that number has jumped to 589! So close... almost to 600! The server's growth is amazing, and it's probably the most successful community engagement project we've ever had!

Don't know what Discord is? It's a FREE social communication platform that offers live Internet text chat, voice chat, user profiles, bots, and other sweet features! Think of it as a really awesome combination of Skype, Teamspeak, and IRC. We have a page about our Discord server here, and you can also visit their website and read about it on Wikipedia. We'll be honest, though: people who only read about it don't actually experience the awesomeness of Discord until they join it! To join our awesome Discord server, simply click that lovely "Connect" button below! If you don't have a Discord account you'll need to create one... and honestly, why wouldn't you? It's pretty painless and you can use it for any Discord server, not just The Sims Wiki's!

By clicking "Connect", you agree to abide by the server rules.

Server news

When the server first opened, the #welcome channel on the server was used by new users to communicate with server operators and moderators as they needed to verify their on-wiki identity before being given access to the server. Since the server went public back in December, this was no longer the case, and the channel was mostly used to house automated welcome messages that the Tatsumaki bot sent to new users joining the server. However, it was left open for conversation with the intention of new users using it to introduce themselves. In practice, however, we found that, given the volume of automated messages in there, combined with the fact that most people on the server have that channel muted, many messages from new users posted in there were quickly buried and forgotten, and seldom received a response. Many other servers restrict the ability to send messages to such channels for this reason.

As such, users will no longer be able to send messages in the #welcome channel. You are free to chat with new users in #general_chat. Since few people used the #welcome channel anyways, this should not be a problem.

In addition, much to the shock and surprise of the community, LostInRiverview broke his vow never to create more channels on the server and created #anti-wikia, which serves a similar purpose to #anti-ea: vent your frustrations over Wikia/FANDOM, the wiki farm that hosts The Sims Wiki! Not everyone's a fan of the recent business practices of Wikia, just like we're not exactly fans of EA's recent business practices either. Here's your "safe space" to vent it all out!

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June! For those in the northern hemisphere, it's where summer begins... Summers are going to be busy for me as I have work, but if you're a student, enjoy your summer holidays while you still can! Oh, and see you next month! —k6ka 🍁 (Talk · Contributions) 03:03, June 1, 2018 (UTC)

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