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March 2019 Community News
March 2019 Community News

March: the third month of the Gregorian Calendar Year and the month where most of your surviving New Years Resolutions fall apart. At least, it makes sense to me that that would be the case... hehe.

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Community discussion threads that need your input
This is most certainly not the way to go...

We have a couple of community discussion threads open in our community discussion forum where we discuss community discussions about how to discuss improvements to the community in community discussions... okay, that was pretty loaded.

  • There is a formal request to disable Featured Videos on the wiki. Back in December I wrote about how we proposed a formal request to have the highly unpopular Featured Video feature disabled on the wiki. In the meantime I have created a template called {{Featured video notice}} which displays a notice below articles where a featured video is known to exist, telling readers that the video was not approved or created by the community of The Sims Wiki.
  • There is a thread to discuss the standards for using images in the {{Infobox object}} template, specifically how different recolors of an object should be displayed.
  • There is a proposal to create a new development forum to assist with on-wiki technical development and discussion, such as creating new templates or working with Cascading Style Sheets.

The wiki runs entirely on volunteer edits—ordinary people like you and me! Anyone is welcome to participate in these discussions to help reach a consensus on how we as a wiki can move forward.

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New featured article for the month!

The Precipitation article has been selected to be the featured article for the month of March 2019! For those unfamiliar with the "featured article" designation, it is a title we give to select articles that reflect the finest content on the wiki, chosen based on their readability and the amount of information they contain. Featured articles are not chosen by a secretive cabal, but by the members of the wiki community as a whole—people like you! To nominate or vote for an article, read the instructions here, and then either make a nomination or vote for an existing one. Yep, go ahead and do it!

Discord server stuff
That time when I won at Russian roulette with five out of six chambers loaded.

Discord is an increasingly popular program used for talking to other humans over the Internet in real time. It offers text chat with formatting options; voice and video chat à la Skype and TeamSpeak; the ability to create your own servers for free for any purpose; and a growing community of gamers, regular joes, and even your own Facebook friends that you forgot about and only rediscovered when you linked your Discord account with Facebook. We here have picked up on Discord's blessings to help engage the wiki community. Even if you don't edit The Sims Wiki (or even play The Sims, for that matter) you are absolutely welcome to join! If you're a bookworm and want to read up on the server before joining, clicky right over here, and if you're ready to join, clicky the "Click here" button below.

Click here to join the server.
By joining, you agree to abide by the server rules.

Updates to the server
  • We have two new bots on the server! Please welcome:
    • GamesROB: This is a Discord games bot that lets you play games like Connect Four, Minesweeper, Hangman, a memory matching game, and even a quiz! Some games can be played solo while others are best played in a group with other users. The bot is currently only available in the #spammerland channel.
    • WikiaLinker: The bot that wiki editors have always wanted! Now, when you add wikitext links to chat (e.g. [[Link text]]), this bot will automatically convert it to a clickable link! Now you can go ahead and write something like I'm hungry and I wish this place had a [[buffet table]], and it'll provide a link to the buffet table article!
  • Content moderators now have access to the super secret wiki administrators channel! A channel that none of the laity need to know about... :P

If you have any other suggestions as to how we can improve the server, please let us know in the #server_feedback channel on the server!

A poll that you may vote on. In. With. I don't know.
What do you think about The Sims 4 StrangerVille?
Please vote below.
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Thanks for reading! Be sure to leave any comments or feedback in the Comments section below, and see you next month! —k6ka 🍁 (Talk · Contributions) 16:41, March 1, 2019 (UTC)

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