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The Sims Wiki

Thank you for your interest in contacting The Sims Wiki. Before proceeding, please keep in mind the following:

  1. The Sims Wiki has no central editorial board. All content is user-submitted and made by each individual user's discretion. We do not employ any paid staff, nor is one specific organization responsible for the content on the wiki.
  2. The Sims Wiki is hosted by Miraheze, a non-profit wiki hosting service. Miraheze does not own or control any of The Sims Wiki's content, nor does it produce or claims responsibility for our content. Miraheze Staff will not make edits upon request for editorial issues.
  3. If you have issues with an article's content, please use its talk page to discuss with the editors there. If you need to contact an individual user, please use their user talk page.
  4. The Sims Wiki administrators are volunteer users like other editors, and are not paid staff.
  5. The Sims Wiki is not affiliated with Electronic Arts or any of its subsidiaries.

Social media[edit source]

You can reach us on social media and various other places on the Internet.

Administrators[edit source]

You can contact our administrators individually on their user talk pages. You can also look for an administrator on the IRC Channel or on Discord. To contact the administrative team as a whole, see the administrators' noticeboard.

Copyright infringement[edit source]

If you hold the copyright to an image or file and have not given us permission to use the file, please email

Affiliate request[edit source]

If you would like for your Sims website to becomes an affiliate of The Sims Wiki, please edit the affiliates talk page and add your request in the appropriate section. Do link to your affiliate page and to your banner/button.

Email[edit source]

Some administrators on the wiki allow email to be sent to them over the wiki. To use this feature, you must be logged in and have a valid email address registered with your account. Visit the user pages of any of our administrators and look at the sidebar on the left; administrators that have enabled email communication will have an "Email this user" link. See Help:Emailing users for more information on how this works.

Privacy[edit source]

We cannot make any guarantee of privacy with your communications. If you post on the administrators' noticeboard, your messages will be publicly visible to all users. You can privately message us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but your messages may be shared with other administrators.

Miraheze[edit source]

If you wish to contact Miraheze and not The Sims Wiki, go to Help center § contacting Miraheze.