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Every month on The Sims Wiki, a fanon page will be featured on the Fanon Portal. The Featured Fanon will be chosen by the community through voting, but they should be the most organized, most understandable, best written, most interesting, and generally the best fanon pages in the Fanon Namespace.

Past Featured Fanon[edit source]

October 2013[edit source]

Arabella Reaper (née Skelton), created by Freedom50000, is the deceased wife of the Grim Reaper himself. An introvert, Arabella Reaper had a rough early life having a bad role model, although a turn of event would lead to Arabella mixing hands on the paranormal, eventually resulting in the said marriage that sets her apart from most others. Well done, Freedom50000!

September 2013[edit source]

Richie Hutchworth is a sim created by AsherÉire. A UK immigrant who fears isolation given his fairly rare status as an immigrant, his fear of being the odd one out never materialized, and he has a non-miserable life with kids and a stable career.

August 2013[edit source]

Space Family is a family created by Chunkyheels. Space family is at the core an enactment of the American dream, making riches from scratch. A large, wealthy family that effectively owns Lavisha, its wealth slaps even the likes of Ecclesiarchy in the face. Well done, Chunkyheels!

July 2013[edit source]

Henrietta Goth is a sim created by Facebookerror, and is the wife of Alexandroser Goth, and is one for rather colorful fashion. Henrietta is also a member of the social group Pleasantview Gals, and actively pursues her interest in the familial matters. Well done, Facebookerror!

April 2013[edit source]

Reaper Family is a custom neighborhood created by Freedom50000. A family centered around none other than Grim Reaper, the story is focused on the characters than the family as a whole. It is wealthy not only in the game, but also wealthy as it has a wealth of story to be dug out. Congratulations to Freedom50000!

March 2013[edit source]

Port Piston is a custom neighborhood created by Kiwi tea. It is a hybrid city containing both cityscape and more antiquated structures in accordance to the age of sailing. It is a place of both progress and antiquity, having both simbots and antiquated fashion.

February 2013[edit source]

Savannah Plumb, full name Savannah Rachel Bellingham Plumb is an adventurous sim created by Plumbbobparadise. A descriptive fanon that covers her entire lifetime unlike most fanons, the story of Savannah Plumb involves rebellion, success, and most importantly, adventure.

January 2013[edit source]

The Curious Family, created by Tiezel, is a large family starting off from the three brothers, Pascal, Vidcund, and Lazlo. The family is also diverse, having a splash of aliens, successes, breakups, and such. Want to know more than a quick glance here gives? Check the individual stories behind each members.

November 2012[edit source]

Katherine Saint, created by Starmoonie, is a member of the large Saint family. She is in The Sims, The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. She is quite an amazing woman with quite an amazing past. What will happen to her?

October 2012[edit source]

The De Crypt Family, created by Sims2addict9312, is a family made up of a lot of life states, such as vampires, werewolves and witches. The fanon is about the family's history, the various members and the various life states. What will happen with this mysterious and strange family?

September 2012[edit source]

Pélagie Horsepurple, created by JM9193, is a member of the large Dortheimer family. She was shy as a girl, but went extremely mad because of her brother's death. She has an unusual fear of banks and is Insane, Unlucky, Disciplined, Eccentric and Easily Impressed. What will happen?

August 2012[edit source]

Kallisto Syrakosia, created by Mathetesalexandrou, is a Sim now residing in Hekatonschoinos. She is the founding member of the Union of the Insane (now Ecclesiarchy) following the feud between Hypatia and Demetria. Obsessed with Turquoise, Kallisto loves crazy things and her full title is Hegemon kai Soter Ekklesias Panhellenon, Enantios Erotos Dikephoros Akademias, Diakonos Alexandrou kai Nikesas Barbaron, and is absolutely bonkers. It doesn't help that Kallisto is also nuts for the military... Bridgeport's locals will certainly attest to this.

May 2012[edit source]

Mrs. Richest, created by RoseGui, is a very intelligent yet grumpy woman, she has had difficult times when facing other people. When she met Richard she thought he would be the ideal partner, but he wasn't really, he left her heart damaged and she can't even think of more romance. Now that her daughter is in college, can she handle being alone?

April 2012[edit source]

Marissa Perez, created by RoseGui, has never been a dedicated stylist, preferring parties to work, though her artistic skills are notable, being involved with married celebrities will not certainly help her reputation...

February 2012[edit source]

Jade O'Reilly, created by Checkleyy, was the youngest of the Campbell family, and has matured from a girl into a woman. She is known as both the brains and the beauty of the Waterford Valley and there is no stopping her now.

November 2011[edit source]

Jake Gannon, created by DanPin, lost his parents to a murderer, and with encouragements from his grandfather, vowed to solve crime and find the murderer. His record as a sleuth is quite impressive to say the least, and who knew who his parents' murderer was...

September 2011[edit source]

Constance Garvouis, created by RoseGui, sacrificed her calm lifestyle when she married, as she had to keep up the appearances, balance family life, celebrity life, romantic life. Although, she has had much work, if she could go back to the past, she wouldn't change nothing. She's happier than ever.

August 2011[edit source]

Isaac Garvouis, created by RoseGui is a real celebrity. He has developed many technologies and he is very close to discovering the Time Machine he has always planned to create. However, his unfaithfullness is an obstacle for him, which he has to throw away, otherwise he'll get into serious problems...

July 2011[edit source]

Rénata Dortheimer has two hobbies: the first one is travelling, and the other is being cruel and ruthless. Now that she is almost an Elder, she won't go on adventures anymore, and some Sunset Valley citizens fear that her nasty and favorite pastime will be her only one...

June 2011[edit source]

Sarah Peasant is a Fanon Sim created by RoseGui. The article tells her story, of her beginnings in Sunset Valley, right up to her travels in Al Simhara and her eventual disappearence.