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There are many types of Game guides that certain topics may fall under. Here is a list and description of each of them.

General Game guides[edit source]

General Game guides are Game guides pertaining to normal gameplay in The Sims series. They are what most players of The Sims mostly look for.

CAS Game guides[edit source]

CAS Game guides are Game guides pertaining to Create a Sim, Create a Style, and Create a Pet. They usually involve giving Sims certain appearances, or modding and creating custom clothing.

Building Game guides[edit source]

Building Game guides are Game guides the pertain to buy mode and build mode. They involve building, buying, and decorating houses and other lots.

Storytelling Game guides[edit source]

Storytelling Game guides are Game guides that help make certain events in The Sims series. They involve making certain situations and visuals that aren't possible in The Sims series, usually for a video or picture.

Other Game guides[edit source]

Other Game guides are the more advanced and uncommon Game guides. They range from a large list of topics not included in any of the above game guide types.

Walkthroughs and guides[edit source]

Walkthroughs and guides are long Game guides, full of information, and pertain to one topic or game (console, handheld, and mobile versions only).