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The Sims Wiki has adopted this Image and File Policy to apply to all images, videos, audio clips and other files uploaded to The Sims Wiki. This is done to ensure an adherence to wiki standards and rules, and to ensure that each file uploaded is copyright compliant.

General Rules[edit source]

  1. Files uploaded to The Sims Wiki may not contain profanity, adult content, or subject matter inappropriate for a general audience. Violation of this rule is considered Vandalism, and it will be handled accordingly.
  2. File names should be written to describe, as best as possible, the subject of the file being uploaded (See file name blacklist below).
  3. Files uploaded must be legal to upload under copyright law and must contain accurate copyright and license information. This requirement and consequences of not adhering to it is expanded upon under copyright requirements below.
  4. Files uploaded should be relevant to The Sims Wiki or to a personal project on the wiki. Files uploaded for personal projects (such as work on a User Page) should be kept to a minimum and should utilize Public Domain (i.e. non-copyrighted) material as much as possible.
  5. Files uploaded should be used on an appropriate article or page as soon as they are uploaded. Unused files will be subject to deletion.
  6. Files uploaded should be the best-quality and highest-resolution photos possible. Low-quality images may be replaced by higher-quality ones, and very low-quality images may be deleted. See more about this rule below.

Image quality[edit source]

When uploading images of the game, whether it is released or in-production, please be sure that the image is the highest quality and resolution possible. If you are unable to find an image that is high quality, you may upload a lower quality version. However, a lower quality image may be replaced with higher quality version if one is later found.

Generally, an image with the dimensions of 640x360 or higher can be considered as high quality for usage on an article while an image with the dimensions of 320x240 or lower can be considered low quality. Note that these dimensions may not apply in all circumstances (e.g. icons).

TV/Monitor pictures[edit source]

Pictures like this tend to look horrible.
Please do not take a picture of a TV or PC/laptop monitor and upload the image; images generated in this way are typically very poor quality. Please use the 'Print Screen' key to take a screenshot. If uploading an in-game image, use the 'C' key to take an in-game screenshot, as it captures the game in the running resolution, ensuring the image appears "natural".

An exception to this is console titles as TV screens are the only image sources available and most emulators are unable to run the games in a satisfactory state.

Graphics settings[edit source]

It is recommended to have the game running the maximum settings when taking screenshots. If you are unable to maximize the visual quality of the game without a heavy performance penalty, you may upload an image using the lower graphics settings. However, a lower quality image may be replaced with one of a higher quality, if a higher quality image is available and possible to upload.

File name blacklist[edit source]

In order to avoid generic or non-descriptive file names, the following filenames are prohibited:

  • Files starting with the word 'Screenshot'
  • Files starting with the word 'Image'

Additional file names may be added as needed. Additionally, note that files may be renamed if their original name is too generic.

Copyright requirements[edit source]

Any user that uploads files to The Sims Wiki must adhere to Copyright requirements.

1. Uploaded files must contain all known copyright information. It is the responsibility of the uploading user to explain in detail where a file originated and the person or company that produced the original work which the file comes from. For example, a user uploading an in-game screenshot would need to attribute the copyright to Electronic Arts, since EA holds the copyright on the game where the screenshot was taken.

2. Uploaded files must be given the proper license. Licenses are selected through a drop-down menu, or can be added as templates manually. If an uploading user cannot find the proper license for the file they are uploading, they should contact an administrator for assistance.

Proper License depends on the origin of the file and its use. Depending on where the file came from and how it will be used, a number of different licenses could be applied. Below is a short list of possible licenses - this list is not exhaustive and other situations may exist.
  • All screenshots, videos or audio from EA-produced games (including any game in The Sims series) must be licensed as copyright by Electronic Arts. This license is auto-selected from most of the dropdown options when uploading, but it can also be manually added by including {{Copyright by EA}}.
  • All images taken from EA-owned or operated websites must also be licensed as copyright by Electronic Arts, or by using {{Copyright by EA}}.
  • All images or files taken from a Copyrighted source (that is, a source that is not in the public domain), must include a Fair Use tag; this can be added by using {{Fairuse}}. Be sure to include the name of the copyright holder in the license, or by adding {{Fairuse|<Copyright holder name>}}.
  • Images or files taken from a source that is not copyrighted or that is not eligible for copyright should be tagged as public domain ({{PD}}. If you are unsure of whether a file is in the Public Domain, mark it as Fair Use instead.

3. Files must be used in accordance with the Fair Use Doctrine. United States Copyright Law holds jurisdiction over files uploaded to The Sims Wiki (The Sims Wiki is a part of the Wikia network, which is based in the USA). Copyright Law generally protects the holder of the copyright from misuse of their work by third parties. However, the law allows the limited use of copyrighted material, provided some conditions are met. As a result, all files uploaded to The Sims Wiki must adhere to these standards:

  • Files uploaded may not be used in a way that will produce financial profit for the uploading user or for The Sims Wiki
  • Files uploaded may not detract from the ability of the copyright holder to profit from the copyrighted work(s)
  • Files uploaded must be used for an artistic, critical or educational purpose
  • Files uploaded should, if possible, be an insignificantly small portion of the overall copyrighted work

Note that files which are in the public domain are not copyrighted and, as such, may be used without adherence to Fair Use requirements. However, it is the uploading user's responsibility to determine whether a file is or is not within the public domain. Copyrighted files marked as public domain may be deleted unless proper copyright information is provided.

Copyright policy enforcement[edit source]

Copyright is a complicated issue, and very often, rules may be broken without the intent of the uploading user. The following guidelines attempt to address this issue with fairness towards the uploading user, while still adhering to the necessary laws. Note that the following exists as a guide only, and administrators may make decisions regarding warnings, blocks and other actions on a case-by-case basis.

First issue - An administrator should contact the uploading user and inform them of the Copyright requirements, including any specific rule included there that was broken. If possible, the administrator should also correct the uploading user's error, or assist the user in correcting it themselves.
Second issue - An administrator should issue a formal warning regarding non-adherence to Copyright requirements. The administrator may choose whether or not to assist in correcting the error, informing the uploading user how to correct the error, or in deleting the file(s).
Third issue - An administrator may place a user on Editing Restriction, prohibiting them from uploading files for a set length of time, or may issue additional warnings or a block. All files uploaded by the uploading user that do not comply with Copyright requirements should be deleted.
Fourth and subsequent issues - Administrators should take appropriate escalating action in handling users that continue non-compliance with Copyright requirements. Files uploaded by these users that do not comply with Copyright requirements should be deleted.

Policy adoption and revision history[edit source]

The Image and File Policy was proposed in this forum thread. The creation of the policy was ratified by community consensus, and the policy entered into effect on December 16, 2012. This policy was amended on June 6, 2013 to cover image quality.