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Community Guideline
This page represents a community guideline, based off past precedent and discussions. It is not a binding policy, but should be acknowledged when making decisions and followed unless there is a sufficient reason not to follow it. Please suggest changes to this guideline on the talk page.
This page in a nutshell
  • To use an image or other media file on The Sims Wiki, you need to upload it, and then edit a page to use the file.
  • Image usage and layout should improve an article.
  • Copyright information must be included on an image's description page.
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This guideline outlines good practices to use for images uploaded to The Sims Wiki, and steps that can be taken to make them display better and/or become lighter for download. To upload image files, visit Special:Upload.

Image and File Policy[edit source]

The Sims Wiki has adopted a dedicated wiki policy to establish basic standards for image use on The Sims Wiki. All images uploaded to The Sims Wiki are expected to conform to that policy. Many of the concepts explained here are also outlined there, but be sure to read the policy as well, so you are aware of the specific rules and expectations around uploading and using images on the wiki.

Adding images to pages[edit source]

The first step in using an image or other media file is to upload it to The Sims Wiki. Inline linking of images on external sites for display will be removed.

To include the image in a page:

  • [[File:File.jpg]]
  • [[File:File.png|thumb|caption]]

For more methods of showing or linking images, see Help:Images and Wikipedia:Picture tutorial.

Image usage and layout[edit source]

Images make an article memorable and pretty. They can speak where words fail. At the same time, misplaced or untidy images can detract from an article. When choosing images, keep in mind placement, size, and the appropriateness of the image to the section. Let images flow with the text instead of break it up.

Almost all images (especially screenshots) should use the "thumb" (example:[[File:CoolImage.png|thumb]]) option which displays large images as thumbnails. Images should generally be right aligned to enhance readability by allowing a smooth flow of text down the left margin - the "thumb" option does this by default. If an infobox is not being used in an article, a right aligned picture in the lead section is encouraged.

For general information on wiki images, see the MetaWiki page on images and other uploaded files.

Galleries[edit source]

When an article has many images, or can be improved by having more, and having inline images detract from the readability of an articles, the use of a <gallery> section is encouraged.

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Image design and quality[edit source]

Transparency[edit source]

Images that require transparency should use the PNG file format. GIFs also handle transparency, but they do not allow smooth shading (anti-aliasing) of edges, and they only support 256 colors.

Screenshot content[edit source]

Game screenshots are "photo" like in appearance, and rectangular (do not need shading). The JPG file format works well for these as they tend to be fairly sizeable and JPG compression brings them down to manageable sizes.

  • Location pictures should...
    • Show no user interface
    • Not show any characters
    • Show no logos or watermarks
    • Example location
  • Item screenshots should...
    • Not contain player's names
    • Be cropped to the item's shape or position
    • Example item
  • Sim headshots should...
    • Show a single image of the Sim
    • Focus on the head and shoulders
    • Their clothing, hair, etc. should be unchanged
    • Show no user interface
    • Not show any other characters
    • Show a minimum of background, preferably a solid black or white
    • Example headshot
  • Sim portraits should...
    • Show the Sim from head to toe
    • Show no user interface
    • Show no logos or watermarks
    • Be cropped to the character's shape
    • Their clothing, hair, etc. should be unchanged
    • Not show any other characters
    • Example portrait

Compression levels[edit source]

For the majority of images, the maximum size should be 500 kB. If yours is larger, it should be compressed or cropped (unless it really benefits from being large and high quality).

  • JPG: Compression levels of 80-85% normally do the job. In no case should you ever have to go above 90%; the minimal increase in image quality does not outweigh the increased file size.
  • PNG: Reducing the number of unique colors in the picture will make PNG files much smaller.

Resolution[edit source]

  • Crop non-landscape images to show the important areas.
  • Do not upload huge images - try to keep to about 1280x960 as a reasonable upper size limit.
  • Do not blow up small images to larger sizes without good reason - as this can detract from their overall quality.

Image description pages[edit source]

The purpose of file pages is to provide information about the file, such as the author, date of creation, who uploaded the file, any modifications that may have been made, an extended description about the file's subject or context, where the file is used, and license or copyright information. In the case of an image, the file page shows a higher resolution version of the image, if available. To view the file page for an image or video, click on the image itself and then the File details.png icon.

File description[edit source]

Eg: "Image of a goldfish in a small tank". This should not be an alternative text, but rather a description. This is useful for users who do not have direct access to the image, and is a temporary substitute for a proper longdesc tag.

If you downloaded the file from somewhere else, you should give details of source, author, etc.

Image summary[edit source]

For pictures:

  • Where was the picture taken?
  • When was the picture taken?
  • What are the names of all the people and notable objects visible in the picture?
  • What is happening in the picture?
  • Who was the photographer?

For synthetic pictures:

  • Diagrams and markings should be explained as completely as possible.
  • If necessary, a legend or key should be provided.

For screenshots:

  • Where was the screenshot taken?
  • What are the names of all the characters and notable objects visible in the screenshot?
  • What is happening in the screenshot?
  • Who was the capturer?

Technical information for pictures:

  • If a film camera was used, provide the model number, lens information and exposure settings
  • What post-production modifications where made? (adjustments to color, contrast etc.)

Technical information for synthetic images:

  • What software was used to create or edit the image?
  • What pre-existing sources (free images, photos, etc) were used as inputs?

Technical information for screenshots:

  • What game was the screenshot taken from?
  • What custom content or mods were used to create the screenshot?

Copyright information[edit source]

All files must be provided with copyright information. This includes the author, the file's source and the file's license. All files must either be freely licensed or suitable for "fair use" (a low resolution image or only part of a song for example). You should choose the most appropriate tag from Image copyright tags. Please be aware that the copyright holder (the original creator of the file), not the uploader, decides on the licensing for the image, and that "fair use" of non-free files has a specific definition. Please read Wikipedia:Copyrights, Wikipedia:Image use policy, Wikipedia:Fair use guideline, and Wikipedia:Image copyright tags for information about what images are acceptable to upload.

Categorization[edit source]

Images should be categorized into image-specific categories (images should not be in the same category as articles) and always belong to at least two categories: One by license and one by content. Note that the license category is automatically added by the license template.

The Image category should only be used as a last resort, if the image does not belong anywhere else. It is currently filled with images which need not be there. You are welcome to help clear them out.

It's always a good idea to preview a category to see if your image fits there.

Images from the Sims games[edit source]

Here's a list of the most usual categories where an image from the Sims games might belong:

For headshots and images with only one Sim.
For families and family trees.

For images of lots.

Other minor images.


These are pretty big categories, which consist of just about everything else. This is for screenshots from inside the game, this can be anything from images of interactions to images of performing actions.

Images not from the Sims games[edit source]

Images not from the Sims games are mostly user files, used to spice up user pages. Remember that the image must be under a free license such a Creative Commons or GNU. "I found it somewhere" or "I can't remember where I got it" are not valid excuses for a license and such images will be deleted.

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