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Content moderators, or content mods, are a group of users that have moderator privileges over pages on The Sims Wiki. Content moderators automatically have access to the rollback tool. Content mods can delete, un-delete, and move/rename pages or files. Content mods can also edit, delete, or move/rename pages that have been semi- or fully-protected, and can change a page's level of protection. These tools allow content mods to address vandalism more directly than a regular user or rollbacker can by, for example, deleting spam pages or by protecting a frequently-vandalized page from further vandalism.

Content moderators are primarily focused on wiki improvement rather than community development, and utilize content moderator tools to achieve these goals. Content moderators are also empowered to address vandalism whenever they encounter it through the rollback, delete, and protect tools. Though content moderators are encouraged to be active in the wiki community, this is not a requirement, so users who are not active in community discussions or other forms of community development may still be worthy content moderators.

There is currently 1 content moderator on The Sims Wiki.

List of content moderators[edit source]

User Promotion date Current status
KailynnKat (talk) 19 February 2018 Active
SimDestroyer (talk) 2 March 2018 Active

Rights and responsibilities[edit source]

Users who hold these roles are expected to use the powers granted by them responsibly, and in accordance with wiki policies and guidelines, community consensus and standards, and as specified by administrators. Users are expected to act in an unbiased fashion, and not to use these powers to benefit themselves. Moderators who abuse the powers granted by their role(s) are at risk of having those powers removed, in addition to other potential consequences as determined on a case-by-case basis by the community and/or the administrative team.

Becoming a moderator[edit source]

Moderator candidates are expected to be active participants on The Sims Wiki. Aside from this, there are no concrete requirements for achieving moderator rights. Moderator rights are awarded after a successful application or nomination at The Sims Wiki:Requests for moderatorship; applications/nominations are decided by community discussion and consensus, so all applicants or nominees for these roles need to have a positive and long-standing relationship with the chat and/or wiki communities in order to be successfully promoted.

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