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April 2011

IRC Move broke how many records?

Do you believe in luck? Do you believe in miracles? you believe that our previous IRC channel may have been cursed?

Well, channel regulars have reason to believe so.

Our previous channel operator has not been active for quite some time. There were some problems that surfaced, the biggest one being that their were only about 3 other users voiced: Bleeh, LostinRiverview and CookieMonster888. These 3 users could kick users, ban users, change the topic, etc, when needed, though couldn't all be 100% active 24/7.

Being voiced is more or less the IRC comparison of an admin, and being a channel operator is the IRC comparison of a bureaucrat, so to speak.

So, after some discussion, it was decided that we would move #the_sims, to #wikia-sims.

After a tearful goodbye to our little chatroom and some redirection issues, the deed was done.

But, oddly, the new channel was supernaturally better. Why? Nobody knows.

"We've had more users, said GEORGIEGIBBONS, "and very little trouble, which makes it a success."

The channel has a bigger amount of daily users, less trollers and spammers, and is more active on certain times per week then ever.

We recommend any users who haven't yet tried the IRC to do so, and find that it is a fun and humorous place to mingle with friends.

Know Your Gnome

By BobNewbie

Sunset Valley, SimNation. After a recent study, scientists have found that 79% of all lawn gnomes are absent during certain hours a day. This has the town flooded with rumors that they may be in charge of the stealing of a 738. 883V. ery. b7ig ruby.

"I...I...I just...looked...and he wasn't there anymore." says a tearful Vita Alto (Adult).

Police have found and arrested an unknown amount of lawn gnomes. Currently, none are cooperating.

An anonymous pink flamingo has been interviewed and has apparently ignored the police's questions. He has been arrested and is standing trial for suspected Gnomicide.

At the time of publishing, the police were on hot pursuit of a local Sloppy Jalopy, hijacked by a group of gnomes.

We ask any users to please contact the local police immediately after they sight any gnomes. If one sees a massive mouse crusor hovering over your head, remember basic protocol: Stop, Drop, Pass Out.

HOROSCOPE: Taurus: April 20 - May 20

Due to EA's budget cuts, you will not be able to start a good relationship or repair broken ones this month. Your evil and kleptomaniac side will start to show as a niece's or nephew's teeth are fit for candy.

You will have an urge to visit a far away country, and some time for yourself could be good. Remember, a great time is only (literally) a phone call away!

Don't dare go near any pools, though pool tables are a must for a healthy lifestyle. Trolling on forums will cause an horrible freak flood to hit the next town, though as the weather is always perfect in your town, you will take little notice.

You may want to visit the local book store, as there will be a mess of new books about your medieval ancestors. Though remember that swords are meant for fighting, not to fix broken household appliances.

Notable Taurus Sims: Jenny Smith, Chris Roomies, Mortimer Goth

The Sims Series: The typical Taurus is strong-willed and determined. That can often mean determined to have a good time.


Manos al Aire- Nelly Furtado

Video:Nelly Furtado - Manos Al Aire (Simlish)


By Woganhemlock

The super secret surprise was announced on the 5th of April. EA announced the arrival of a new expansion for the sims. The Sims 3: Generations was announced to be the fourth expansion pack for The Sims 3.

While many features are not yet known, it has been confirmed that:

  • Teen Sims can pull pranks and will have a prom night
  • Adults can have a mid-life crisis
  • Children can have imaginary friends
  • There will be family videos
  • Two new traits: Rebellious and Nurturing
  • A new career: Day Care profession
  • Body hair for Sims
  • Return of memories
  • New party types, such as graduation partes and bachelor/bachelorette party

There is also new items which will be included:

  • Tree houses
  • Spiral staircases
  • New playground equipment
  • Water Slip-N-Sildes
  • Bunk beds

As the expansion draws nearer, more will be known. EA has announced a release date of the 31st of May for North America, and 1st of June for Europe.

Month Highlights

  • Auto-welcome tools and default userpages have some added stuff.
  • New UTC clock on top right corner of the page.
  • IRC channel has moved from #the_sims to #wikia_sims.
  • 3 new administrators.
  • Bleeh, an administrator, returned.
  • Wikia have announced that they will be giving edit mode a facelift.[1]

Interview with new admin: Guilherme Guerreiro

Congrats! How does it feel Guilherme?

Well, I feel very happy for it, and rewarded because people got the consensus that I would become an admin. Yet I feel more responsible about maintaining the peace among users, because that's one of my new functions now, and I should fufill it, that's also one of the new feelings, I have now objectives to fulfill and I should take part in almost every discussions to become aware of my wiki's events now. In spite of having many new responsibilities, I feel very good for it and I hope my job satisfies the community.

Do you have any ideas on how to fix things and improve others?

Oh I haven't got many ideas to fix issues on Sims Wiki, and that's why I will try to participate in discussions more often to be aware of what's happening. Although, I have some ideas to improve new articles, especially when it comes to the ones regarding The Sims Medieval game, I'm thinking in creating a "List of Buffs" article and many more!!!

That's awesome! Is The Sims Wiki, in your opinion, the best The Sims Encyclopedia?

YES!!!! It's for sure the best Sims Encyclopedia!!! It has many excellent articles and it's for sure a very creative one, that's the reason ^^!

Thanks for your time!

New Newsletter Icon

Our current Newsletter header and icon look quite dated, and we'd like to get a new one. If you're interested in creating a new header for future Newsletters, post your header designs here and they may be used in future Newsletters, or featured in a newsletter logo and header contest!

From The Editor

This newsletter doesn't write itself! Anyone who is willing to contribute ideas or articles should do so; you will be given credit for your contributions, and they stand a good chance of being included on the next Newsletter.

We also need column writers; who write one thing about a certain topic once each month. We would like to welcome Auror to the Newsletter team, who from now will write the Auror's Take column. We have an opening for a column called The Mod and More, which deals with mods and fan created objects, and we ask any modders to contact BobNewbie for more information.

Along with a new column writer, we would like to include one or two more members of the community to write for us, making us a 4-5 member journalism team. This team will communicate via e-mail and IRC to bring the community the best possible newsletter each month. The Sims Wiki Newsletter would also like to remind you of how fun it actually is to write for The Newsletter. We plan on growing and adding a whole ton of new things, from new game reviews by regular users, to in-depth articles concerning Wikia's changes and how they effect users. For now, growth is extremely limited, and we ask for as many possible users to apply to join. Animated sims plumbbob.gif

If there's something you think we missed, tell us about it and we'll do our best to include it.

- Happy Simming and editing!