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Balloon notebook.png Editor's note:
MTDM has retired from the newsletter, due to real life issues. So, this issue is dedicated to him.

A town, a stuff pack and a Facebook game were released!
By DanPin, editor

These past weeks were filled with new releases from players all over the place to rejoice and enjoy them. However, most (or all) of these were met with criticism. Let's start with the stuff pack:

On the beginning of June, Katy Perry Sweet Treats was released and wasn't very welcomed to the series, probably due to being an unrealistic pack (with such objects as cotton candy trees), the fact that it was endorsed by Katy Perry (another attempt by EA to make some more money) or just simply the fact that there it was so much candy in there that it would give players "Type 2 Diabetes", as some Simmers said throughout the web.

Lucky Palms, announced on June 18th and released ten days later, is a downloadable neighborhood which is, in this reporter's opinion, very pricey: Around 2,450 SimPoints (almost $25) for the regular version and 4,350 SimPoints (almost $44) for the deluxe version, the latter being bundled with The Lucky Simoleon Casino. A review of Lucky Palms can be read further ahead in this issue.

The Facebook game, this one being unrelated to the Series (but part of the SimCity Series), is SimCity Social, which focuses on building a town. However, this wasn't received so well by the community since it was more social and less realistic than other games of the franchise.

The Newsletter Team hopes you have an awesome time reading this issue!


By DanPin, editor
Have you got Lucky Palms? If so, what do you think of it?
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By DanPin, editor
You should throw a party anytime soon. But be careful: Mimes like boredom. So if you see one, build a fence around him.
Your cellphone will be vital this month. Any social calls, work calls or even skill opportunities may bring you some money home.
Fires may happen more often to Geminis then any other sign. But relax. People as outgoing as you can go out or eat at a friend's place.
Hot tubs are fun. And if you choose to go with that someone special on that love tub with candles, make your move quickly.
Is that opportunity hard or you can't do it before the time limit? Remember. A step back is always a right click away.
Multitasking is fun. However, Sims can't multitask. It's sad. However, you can listen to a tabcast on that fancy tablet while cleaning the toilet. Oh, the joys of technology!
Improve that Logic skill of yours. Use the chemistry station. But beware of the fines.
Candy-themed houses are a great attraction for children. So, if you don't want to be seen in a wrong way, don't buy them.
Go out to the stylist's salon. Their wacky mode is twhat you need this month.
Move. Sometimes the only thing you need is a new house.
You should explore the world. China has the prettiest tombs, but France has a nice nectary.
Find romance. The wishing well, the genie or the matchmaker can ease your job.

Short News


Wiki News

  • AbuseFilter was added to the Wiki.
  • Discussions on eliminating Player Stories were started.
  • Also, discussions about Tutorials, the Facebook page and the Wikia Spotlight occurred.

The Sims News

  • The Sims 3: Supernatural was announced.
  • The Sims 3: Katy Perry Sweet Treats was released.
  • Lucky Palms was both announced and released.

Lucky Palms Review

By DanPin

Lucky Palms was released last month and it features the Sims in a desert landscape with several patches of land. Just like previous reviews, I will talk about each parameter and rate it in a scale of one to five.

Pre-made Sims

Lucky Palms' storyline is set somewhat before The Sims 2, because we have the return of a well known Sim from that game: Darren Dreamer, who is younger and single. We also have his future wife, Darleen (who is still alive), and her family. All other Sims are new, but having some older and already-known Sims is always good - a couple more of these would be welcome.

4 celebrity stars.png


The road layout is good. There are two parts of the town: The center, where we can find most rabbit holes, public services, a pier with residential houses (more on that later) and where a good part of the population lives. The other side has more low-end houses, the roads aren't in good conditions and we can find the Lab, the Warehouse and the Military Base. Long story short, it's a fairly decent layout. However, cars can't drive into the pier.

4 celebrity stars.png


The houses are, in lack of a better term, pretty. Some of them are modern, while others are more traditional. Everything is well balanced. There are also the houses on the pier, which look a bit like house-boats, and are perfect for a small family. The houses are actually well furnished and are very pleasing to play in.

4 celebrity stars.png

Cost and Advertising

Lucky Palms comes in two editions: The normal one, which comes with the neighborhood and a wishing well, that costs 2,450 SimPoints (around $25) and the deluxe version, that comes bundled with the Lucky Simoleon Casino, which costs 4,350 SimPoints (around $44). The neighborhood was somewhat advertised and there was a developers' live chat.

2 Celebrity stars.png

Other content included

The Lucky Simoleon Casino, also sold separately, is somewhat entertaining. There are a few new objects and construction materials, but one thing that stands out is the Wishing Well, that can give your Sim wealth and love, among other things. There aren't any clothes that those ugly randomly-generated Sims can wear, and most rabbit holes are re-colorings of base game ones, which can give more variety to a custom town.

4 celebrity stars.png


All in all, it is a good neighborhood and a change of environment to the desert is good. And if you don't care about the price, you should get it.

Overall Rating
4 celebrity stars.png

Sims Logic


Farewell, MTDM!

By the Team

MTDM, your departure from our team saddens every single one of us. We all cherished many moments, from picking the new logo, to writing those main articles, and even making that April Fools' joke.

We all hope that even though you are very busy, you sometimes can make a special guest appearance on an article or two. We'd enjoy that very much.

Now, that you are in that big, wide open world, all we wish... is the best for you.

From the Editor...

We hope you all had an awesome time reading this issue! Until next issue...

Keep Calm.png