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Balloon notebook.png Editor's note:
Due to real life pressure, this issue that has come late is combined with the June one. The next edition will be released in July.

Social Networks
You can now reach the latest news from out of Wikia!
By DanPin and MTDM, editors

In the last two weeks, The Sims Wiki Admin Team has pushed the wiki towards social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. In the old days when Duskey was around and TSW was a more prominent wiki in the gaming world, a lot of Simmers from all over the Internet came to our pages in these websites.

However, around the release of The Sims 3: Pets, the Twitter feed stopped being updated and the Facebook page somehow died in late 2011. Our good-hearted admin and former bureaucrat LiR resurected both pages and they are now reestablishing themselves, bit by bit.

The Newsletter Team hopes you have an awesome time reading this issue that was sadly published a bit late due to IRL issues from both editors.


By DanPin, editor
Opinions about The Sims 3: Diesel Stuff:
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By MTDM, editor
Mirrors will be important to you. By gussying up and practicing speeches, you'll finally have that career boost you always wanted.
You should sneak out these months, but remember: Always take the people that drives the two-seater sports car. ALWAYS.
Avoid being outside in open spaces stargazing. Satellites and meteors may fall onto you.
Try to hack some computers, but remember: The SimNation government has some fancy firewalls.
Apply for a new job. You will always get hired, no matter your qualifications.
Watch out for that big sea and those deep pools. Always have a fulfilled Energy need when you decide to have Fun in them.
You should try some gardening these two months, but remember: Fertilizer galore = PlantSim.
The Repo-Man seems to have a crush on you. To prevent that disgusting fellow to come to your house, try to pay your bills as soon as they arrive. Try to pay them daily, if you can.
Cooking is fun. Fires are hilarious. Try them both these months.
Try riding a horse. The funniest part is when you fall off of it.
Buy a pair of scissors and run around. It will be fun.
Try to take on a new skill. Remember: if you fall off a treadmill or you accidentally lose a toe while stomping on that fruit, you're doing it right.

Short News


Wiki News

  • Voting is now allowed on RfAs.
  • The Sims Wiki has revived their social network accounts.

The Sims News

The Mod and More.png

Poking the The Sims Medieval's .ini files

By Andronikos Leventis, columnist

Some very simple modifications can be done by modifying TSM's .ini files, which are located at C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims Medieval\GameData\Shared\NonPackaged\Ini by default. They are kind of easy to modify so open up notepad and let's get started!

Making the files editable

First things first: the files are read only, so go through all of them, right-click and select "Properties", then make sure the box "Read only" is unchecked. Then you are ready to edit them. Use the normal Windows Notepad, Macintosh TextEdit or NotePad++. Do not use any Rich Text editor, as it pulls too much junk in the files and makes them unreadable.

Contents of the files


Makes sure that objects, Sims and rabbit holes fade at a specific distance. Modify by following the instructions.


Necessary to enable the cheat "Testingcheatsenabled true". It is recommended, regardless what the note says, to enable the cheat; simply change the value "TestingCheatsEnabled" to 1. For more information, consult The Sims Medieval/cheats.


Parameters for the frequency and intensity of sea waves. Follow the instructions in the comments found inside the file.

Sky-related ini files

They adjust the colors of the sky, the clouds, how transparent the sky is in general. This is the funniest part of all, as you can have a dreamy sky in a beautiful kingdom, however remember that changes in these files are global.


Not recommended for editing, as it barely does any noticeable changes.


If you are to edit this, exercise extreme caution, as this file contains the parameters of the in-game camera. Do not make any drastical changes and make sure not to set the values far away from what they were intended to be.


Backup these files. The folder isn't really big and the files are fairly low-space consuming. Mac OS X users need to right-click The Sims and select "Show Package Contents", and then they will have to follow the path Resources/transgaming/c_drive/program files/Electronic Arts/The Sims Medieval/GameData/Shared/NonPackaged/Ini.

Wogan's Rants.png

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By WoganHemlock, columnist

Hey folks, a twist of fate pushing the newsletter forward last month meant I didn't have time to write this last month, but I actually remembered for once :D. Anyhoo, today I'm going to say something which those of you who follow our Twitter account have probably noticed - I tend to post a lot. You're probably wondering how I'm going to go from this to an actual column, right? Well, keep reading, unless I've bored you to death already and you've left this page to find a new way to kill Sims somewhere else on the wiki.

So, I've became addicted to twitter in a sense, both with my own account and TSW's account. And while in the wiki account, I noticed a plethora of tweets from Sims fansites and the like (most of which are in dutch and French). I also noticed one for And then it struck me - EA could make even more stuff for TS3 with social features. And we thought that the new social features with Showtime were bad? Well, have fun posting updates to your sims career to twitter and screenshots directly to facebook and all over the internets! Coming soon with The Sims 3: Blatant Product Plug stuff!

Basically, I'm saying that things could get worse with EA and The Sims - it hasn't hit rock bottom until no one buys the games, and only then will EA start to make a change for the better. Bet you were wondering how I could go from talking about Twitter to something worthy of a column, eh?

Time spent playing The Sims 3: A graph


From the Editors...

We hope you ahd an awesome time reading this issue! Until next issue...

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