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Articles on The Sims Wiki need to be written from the proper perspective and in a neutral manner
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Community Guideline
This page represents a community guideline, based off past precedent and discussions. It is not a binding policy, but should be acknowledged when making decisions and followed unless there is a sufficient reason not to follow it. Please suggest changes to this guideline on the talk page.

It is important that all articles be written in a neutral point of view. Neutrality in encyclopedia articles is essential to ensuring that the article portrays only facts, not opinions or personal beliefs. An editor's own viewpoint, opinions, or bias should never affect the manner in which a factual article is written. The Sims Wiki exists to deliver information to its readers, and to do this most effectively, that information must be provided neutrally without regards to each editor's personal opinions about the information being provided.


The following would all be examples of a lack of neutral point of view:

"The Sims 4 is the fourth main installment in The Sims franchise, and is the worst game of the series."
"Emotion is a revolutionary and amazing game-play feature introduced in The Sims 4."
"Bella Goth is the most popular and beautiful Sim in The Sims series."

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