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Users with the administrator, content moderator, or rollback permissions can use the recent changes patrol feature on the wiki, which allows them to mark edits as patrolled in order to reduce the workload of other patrollers and reduce the likelihood of unwanted edits slipping through. Users who are not administrators, content moderators, or rollbacks can still check and revert edits they see on Special:RecentChanges, but will not be able to actually mark such edits as patrolled.

Criteria for patrolling[edit source]

Patrolling is not a way of adding scrutiny to an edit you merely dislike or disagree with. Its main purpose is to filter out edits that have major problems requiring immediate attention. Edits should not contain:

  1. blatantly obvious vandalism and/or spam;
  2. blatantly unacceptable copyright violations;
  3. libel, legal threats, personal attacks, or unsourced information about a living person;
  4. content that is clearly and verifiably incorrect; and
  5. content that exhibits inappropriate behavioral standards, like sockpuppetry

Edits that are found to contain any of these five things should either be fixed or reverted before being marked as patrolled. If the edit is of low quality, either fix the issue or add a tag and then patrol it.

When patrolling edits to fanon pages, you should check to see if the author who made the page is one of the the fanon authors; if not, check to see if their edit would be considered minor enough not to warrant reversion. Edits that fix unintentional typos correctly or fix a broken template transclusion can be marked as patrolled; edits that add substantial content, or make non-cosmetic changes that unnecessarily change the output of content (like changing from one variation of English to another) should be reverted. Be scrutinous of edits that change the wording as well, since a change in wording in the text can change the entire meaning or effect of the fanon. If the edit was made by the fanon author(s), simply check to see if any of the content they have added may be illegal or grossly inappropriate for the wiki, but otherwise the edit should be marked as patrolled.

Edits that are reverted using the rollback tool are automatically marked as patrolled. In addition, edits made by autopatrolled users, administrators, content moderators, rollbacks, and bots are automatically marked as patrolled.

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