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Official Policy
This is an official wiki policy. This policy is a product of community consensus, and alterations to it are determined by consensus. This policy should be strongly considered when making any edits. Failure to adhere reasonably to policies may result in consequences.
To discuss, change or revoke a policy, please start a thread in the Community Discussions forum.
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Wikia, from time to time, creates new features to be implemented across all Wikia wikis. While these features are meant to improve the wiki editing and viewing experience, they often have unintended negative consequences or simply are not well-suited for all communities. Some of these features are voluntary for each wiki to enable, while others are automatically enabled on each wiki, regardless of and often contrary to local community wishes. The Sims Wiki deems community consensus on major actions and changes to be an essential cornerstone of a strong wiki community. In that spirit, the following policy is established:

  1. All new Wikia features, except those implemented through MediaWiki updates, must be disabled by default on The Sims Wiki.
  2. Enabling of Wikia features must be approved by community consensus through a thread on the Community Discussions forum. Features enabled in this manner may be disabled again through another discussion and resulting community consensus.
  3. Wikia features enabled prior to the adoption of this policy will remain enabled unless a previous discussion supported disabling the feature, or until a new discussion is held to disable those features.
  4. The Sims Wiki administrators may take any step, short of violating Wikia's Terms of Use, to ensure proper adherence to this policy.

The Site Feature Policy was adopted as a result of this discussion, and took effect on July 25, 2014.