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Community Guideline
This page represents a community guideline, based off past precedent and discussions. It is not a binding policy, but should be acknowledged when making decisions and followed unless there is a sufficient reason not to follow it. Please suggest changes to this guideline on the talk page.

This wiki contains spoilers

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Spoilers in articles on The Sims Wiki give away plot information about a particular game or storyline feature. Spoilers that reveal plot elements about The Sims series of games are prevalent throughout The Sims Wiki. As a rule, The Sims Wiki will not include notices on articles that contain plot spoilers. By reading articles on The Sims Wiki, the reader should know and be aware that this wiki includes any and all relevant information about The Sims series, including information which may reveal plot details or otherwise "spoil" gameplay for some people.

For readers[edit source]

Complete avoidance of spoilers on this wiki may be impossible, but in general, readers are safe if they avoid pages for individual Sims or characters. Pages on simology, neighborhoods, the games themselves, and gameplay elements do not contain spoilers; pages about individual families or Sims are very likely to contain plot details and spoiler information. There are thousands of pages on this wiki that do not contain any form of spoiler information, and there are hundreds of pages on the wiki that do. Please be knowledgeable of this as you browse, as neither this wiki or the editors here are responsible if you inadvertently spoil your gameplay experience.

For editors[edit source]

Please do not mark information as a spoiler, or otherwise highlight information which may spoil the game. Do not remove credible information from an article, even if that information is a spoiler. Removal of spoilers simply because they are spoilers will result in disciplinary action taken in accordance with wiki policies. Editors should not shy away from adding this information, either. This wiki is a collection of information about the series, meaning that any and all relevant information is welcome, even information that would be classified as a spoiler.