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The Goodsetters/Marshals reside in 128 Seaside Drive, Shady Shores.

The Goodsetter Family
The Goodsetter Family
"Karen's family were the first of many people to fall victims to the mysterious disease. She moved here with her husband to help out, but it seems her husband was another victim as well. She is devastated. She's determined to figure out the truth behind whatever is going on!"
Number of generations: 3
Members: Karen Marshal, Tommy Marshal, Tammy Marshal
Deceased Members: Brian Marshal, Melvin Goodsetter, Janice Goodsetter, Lori Marshal, Danny Marshal
Lot: 128 Seaside Drive
Funds: §1,003
Neighorhood: Shady Shores

At the start of the neighborhood, all family members are dead, except of Karen Marshal who was left to raise her grandchildren Tommy Marshal and Tammy Marshal. They don't have any relationships besides family and Karen Marshal starts unemployed.