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Shady Shores is a custom inhabited neighborhood, created by the Hood Building Group at MTS. It was created for MTS's monthly theme of July 2015- All around the world. It's a small mysterious neighborhood. There's a nasty disease going on here ATM...

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Story[edit | edit source]

As written on the download page of the neighborhood:

"Shady Shores is a very small town with a small population. It doesn't seem too inviting with it's small population, but the beautiful scenery sure is!

Just make sure you avoid contracting any form of illness or disease on your stay. Rumor has it that something isn't quite right about this seemingly quaint little town..."

- Shady Shores, HBG

Households[edit | edit source]

  • Goodsetter: "Karen's family were the first of many people to fall victims to the mysterious disease. She moved here with her husband to help out, but it seems her husband was another victim as well. She is devastated. She's determined to figure out the truth behind whatever is going on!"
  • Klandestyne: "Zephaniah never saw any of this coming. He never expected that this is how life will be during his golden years. It doesn't look so golden anymore."
  • Parks: "Esra always wanted to make sure that her family kept on growing. She just adores the idea of having a large family. However, her dreams recently came to a halt when almost all her family members started to get ill and passed away shortly afterwards. How will they all cope with any of this?"
  • Yin: "Kouzai has worked very hard his entire life, and by the time he reached elderhood, it was time to sit down and relax. That's exactly what he did, until a few days ago."