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Do not create pages for games that have not been officially announced. Once announced, all information about unreleased games or features must include a citation to a reputable source proving that the information is accurate.
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The Sims Wiki has adopted a specific policy regarding the addition of information about Unreleased Games, including unconfirmed and rumored games. Above all, the focus of this policy is to ensure that all information added to the Wiki about a particular game or game feature is verified and accurate. Additionally, this policy governs the addition of information about unconfirmed and rumored games.

All users adding information about rumored or unreleased games must follow this policy. Failure to follow this policy may result in warnings or blocks. Note that this policy does not apply to threads in the Forums, so long as the forum thread clearly indicates that it does not serve as confirmation or proof of any game or game feature.

Rumored or Unconfirmed Games[edit source]

The Sims Wiki does not create individual rumored games pages. Instead, The Sims Wiki has a page specifically dedicated to The Sims game rumors - rumors regarding new games, expansion and stuff packs that have not been officially announced/confirmed by Electronic Arts. The following rules govern the use of that page, as well as determine when a game rumor has been confirmed or refuted.

Rules for The Sims Game Rumors page[edit source]

  1. All rumors on the Game Rumors page must link to a reputable Sims-themed website (outside The Sims Wiki). Reputable websites may include BeyondSims, ModTheSims, InfiniteSims, or others, where the rumor originated. Rumors may not originate from a Sim-themed website's forum, messageboard or other similar section (if one exists).
  2. Rumors lacking a link to a reputable site will be deleted and their proposer will be notified of this policy. If the rumor is re-added, the user will receive a warning, followed by additional action for continued re-addition.
  3. All rumors that lack official confirmation or refutation from Electronic Arts will remain in the 'Rumors' section of the page. No user may move the rumor to 'Confirmed True' without link to an official confirmation from Electronic Arts.

Rumor Confirmation[edit source]

  1. Only Electronic Arts, through their website, through an EA website (such as, through EA staff members at official EA events, through videos/trailers produced by EA, or through EA-managed social media sites may issue an official confirmation of a game's development. Linking to anything other than an EA site, an EA-produced event, video or a post from EA on an EA-managed social media site does not confirm the rumor. Posts on The Sims forums do not serve as official confirmation unless the post is made by a confirmed SimGuru.
  2. If a user moves a rumor to 'Confirmed True' without a link to an official confirmation, that move will be reverted and the user will be subject to a warning. Repeated moving may be subject to additional actions as necessary.
  3. Any new articles created for a newly-confirmed game must link to a source of official confirmation from Electronic Arts, or they will be deleted.
  4. Pages about features included in an unconfirmed game - e.g. new traits, objects, worlds, families - should not be created until the game is officially confirmed. Articles which refer to features that exist in previous games/expansions should not be edited to include reference to unconfirmed features or unconfirmed expansions.

Confirmed Games[edit source]

  1. All information added to articles about unreleased games, or about features in unreleased games, must cite a specific trustworthy source. Trustworthy sources may include: EA sources as listed in 'Rumor Confirmation' above, reputable The Sims fansites, Twitter posts from members of the game development team, or other sources of verifiable information. Posts on forums (except by EA staff) do not serve as confirmation of rumored features.
  2. Information added without citing a source may be removed immediately.
  3. Citation requirements on most features are no longer enforced once a game has been released, since these features can easily be confirmed by players playing the game. More obscure features, including possible "Easter Eggs", may still require player confirmation or source citation as proof of existence, as determined on a case-by-case basis.

Policy adoption and revision history[edit source]

The Unreleased Games Policy was proposed in this forum thread. The creation of the policy was ratified by community consensus, and the policy entered into effect on January 28, 2013.