Tombstone of Life and Death

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The Sims 2

Tombstone of Life and Death

The Tombstone of Life and Death

The Tombstone of Life and Death is a debugging object in The Sims 2 that can be spawned with the testingcheatsenabled cheat. Like its name suggests, it takes the form of a tombstone when spawned.

Uses[edit | edit source]

The Tombstone has a variety of purposes, including killing the active Sim (either by flies or by old age, if the active Sim is old enough), speeding up the aging process, making them friendly with all Sims present on the lot, impregnating the active Sim with any Sim on the lot (including NPCs such as the Grim Reaper and themselves) or with an alien baby (the latter also works on female Sims) or spawn a randomized Sim of any age. It also allows the player to add any Sims in the current neighborhood to the house, including dead Sims, NPCs and Pets.

Impregnate a Sim
With an adult Sim of either gender selected, click the tombstone, select "Simulate genetic merger with", then the player will be required to choose the second parent, who may be of any age or gender, from the menu. Any Sim who is present on the lot can be chosen, including the same Sim or a Sim of the same gender. If the same Sim is chosen, the baby will inherit only their genetics, but will always be the 'opposite sex'.
Impregnate a Sim with the Grim Reaper
  1. Kill a Sim, preferably not the Sim who is to have babies with the Grim Reaper. Cheats like Rodney's Death Creator can be used to kill them properly.
  2. When the Grim Reaper appears, click on the Tombstone of L and D and select "Simulate genetic merger with..." and select the Grim Reaper from the menu
Impregnate a Sim with an alien
With an adult Sim of either gender selected, click the tombstone and select "Make me alien pregnant". The other parent of the Sim's baby will be the alien Pollination Technician.
Speed up a pregnancy
With the Sim selected, click the tombstone and select "Speed up my pregnancy". Now it will just take less then 4 hours until the baby is born! The pregnant Sim will go through all the stages of pregnancy in that time. The Sim must already be pregnant for the "Speed up my pregnancy" option to show up on the Tombstone.
Recover Sim that disappeared when using testingcheatsenabled
Select 'Get Family Member' and click on the name of the missing Sim.
Options when clicking on the Tombstone of Life and Death
Resurrect a dead Sim
  1. Click on the Tombstone of Life and Death and click "Add Neighbor to Family".
  2. Click on name of Sim to resurrect.
  3. Quickly pause the game and make the Sim selectable before they disappear.
Once the Sim is selectable there are two options:
  1. Move the Sim out, or
  2. Kill the Sim and then resurrect them normally.
Make Sims fall in love
  1. Use "Make me friendly with all Sims here"
  2. Begin romantic interactions between the two sims

Add Neighbor to Family option[edit | edit source]

Whilst several NPCs can be added to the family via the Tombstone, most of them have the potential to corrupt the neighborhood or the game if added onto the lot, killed off or deleted. A few of them only appear for a few seconds when added to the household.

Sims that are known to cause problems if added to a household include:

There are three Sims who appear in the list and yet are not technically Sims. These are NPC: Remote Controlled Car, NPC: Bird and NPC: Robot. All three of them appear as female Sims in the adult life stage with no face and long black hair wearing red long-sleeved tops and white jeans. NPCs that usually appear if the active Sims aspiration meter is in the red, such as the Therapist, will be invisible unless the active Sim has a red aspiration meter.

A longer list of Sims that should not be added to the household is available here.

Sims added to the household that have aged on another lot will have their ages reset to 0, as if they had just transitioned into their current age - i.e., if Angela Pleasant is 10 Sim days away from being an adult and she is added to the Goth household, her progress would be reset back to 15.

Adding dead Sims[edit | edit source]

Trying to add a dead Sim to a lot via the Tombstone of L and D will give a message saying, "[Name] has died on another lot. [Name] will appear as a spirit in the place of [Name]'s death", and the Sim will disappear from the lot. However, pausing the game gives the player time to make the Sim selectable. Additionally, accessing the Grim Reaper and Hula Zombies is similar to accessing dead Sims, as the Grim Reaper will look around before disappearing and the Hula Zombies will start dancing and disappear.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Nanny alternative
This can be very useful if there are babies, toddlers or children living in a single-parent home. Rather than hiring a Nanny, an elder or adult can be spawned from the tombstone and watch the child(ren) while the parent is at work. They can also cook, clean, and perform other everyday domestic tasks.
  • Do not add a teen, because it is possible they might run away and cause the Sims living in the house to cry every once in a while.
  • Using 'Make me friendly with all Sims here' is helpful when gathering friends for career promotion. Invite a load of people over, and make the Sim friendly with them all. They will now require only a small amount of interaction to make them friends.

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