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The Sims Medieval

Tredony Banner.jpg
For many generations, Tredony has been a central hub of commerce and trade for that region. The first pupils of their famed Institute did the math and discovered that it was far more profitable to buy and sell goods than actually produce them.

Tredony is a wealthy territory that has been a great hub of trade ever since students of its famous institute realized commerce earned more than industry, many generations ago. Tredony is now part of the kingdom but is locally ruled by the Merchant Prince/Princess.

Trading[edit | edit source]

Tredony buys herbs and seeds. Merchants can gather Wildflowers (along with Bloodmoss, Grassweed, and Seeds as byproducts of picking the flowers) to trade at Tredony for a good amount of Simoles, and can buy other herbs at the Village Shoppe to trade for a modest profit. Alternatively, Sims with better plant-harvesting abilities can transfer their plants to the Merchant, who can then trade them.


  • 6 Barley for Gems
  • 1 Fancy Clothing for Gems
  • 2 Phosphorus for Magic Powder
  • 3 Goose Feathers for a Jeweled Ring
  • 1 Prisoner for a Sturdy Lute