Twikkii Island

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This article is about a neighborhood. The Sims 2: Bon Voyage

Twikkii Island
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If you've never been to a beach then you definitely don't want to miss spending your next vacation on Twikkii Island. You'll be dazzled by the rolling waves, exciting culture, and the world famous Pirate Wreck. So come visit and take a break in a beach hammock, shop for some local goods or get a soothing massage.
Name Twikkii Island
Game The Sims 2 Bon Voyage Icon.png The Sims 2: Bon Voyage
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Twikkii Island ( /tˈwɪki ˈlənd/) is a Tropical-themed sub-neighborhood that appears in The Sims 2: Bon Voyage as a vacation destination. Twikkii Island is a romantic destination with beautiful scenery. It is the largest of the three vacation destinations. There are many community lots here, mainly beach community lots as well as beach hotels, and also two ancient ruins. The Neighborhood terrain is best for placing Beach Lots, although terrains in Belladonna Cove and Desiderata Valley also have special roads to place Beach Lots. The locals are usually charismatic, playful, and outgoing. Visiting this island gives a slight +2 attraction point to Sims.

Gesture: Hang Loose

Local Delicacies: Pineapple Surprise, Luau Ribs, Teriyaki Mahi-Mahi

Dance: Hula

Massage: Hot Stone

Souvenirs: Little Chest of Booty, Private Island Figurine

Secret Vacation Lot: The Mysterious Hut, occupied by the Witch doctor

Seasonal Progression[TS2:S]: Summer, Summer, Summer, Summer.

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  • If the player presses the "Tab" button and moves the camera over to the other side of the mountain, a hidden road can be seen. There is nothing on it, except it's surrounded by trees and rocks. It's similar in length to the one in Belladonna Cove. That's actually where the Mysterious Hut is located, but the lot is invisible, and if the camera is modified to allow viewing of the edges of the neighborhood, the spot cannot be clicked on.
  • Twikkii Island was named "Best Vacation Spot" in the travel magazine, Global Vacationer Weekly. The announcement appeared in the newspaper in The Sims 3.
    Twikkii Island Named Best Vacation Spot
    The #1 best-selling weekly travel magazine for people who read about travel weekly, Global Vacationer Weekly, named Twikkii Island the best tropical getaway in the world. "You know the island is a special place when even our sunburns are fun," said island President Aikane Hiwalani. "Even our crabs are great. They tickle instead of pinch!" Twikkii Island expects a 34% increase in travellers this summer.
  • The sea bed of this terrain is different from any other terrain; when looking at the sea, it is light blue with dark blue patches, giving the sea a more 'natural' look. The patches are probably algae or something similar. The texture is available from SimPE, but there is no known way to make it appear in every neighborhood with a sea or ocean.
  • If Bon Voyage is not installed, but a later expansion pack is, the terrain for Twikkii Island is available as a terrain template.

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