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The Sims 2

Unborn baby Broke
Gender Male Male
Age Unborn
Life state Sim
Family/Families Broke family
Parents Skip BrokeDeceased, Brandi Broke
Siblings Dustin Broke Older Brother, Beau Broke Older Brother
Hair color Black
Eye color Grey
Skin color Light
Other information
Game The Sims 2
Playability Unborn
Neighborhood Pleasantview

Unborn baby Broke is the son of Brandi Broke and Skip Broke. He has two older brothers named Dustin and Beau Broke. Brandi is pregnant with him when first playing the Broke family in Pleasantview.

Genetics Mystery[edit | edit source]

There is a small mystery about the genetics of Brandi Broke's unborn baby. Exiting without saving and re-doing the birth will not change the genetics and the baby will always be a boy. At one point players thought that it's scripted for this baby to always be a boy or that Brandi always has boys, but neither of these are true.

A lot of players think Maxis used cheats to make Brandi pregnant with herself, but the pregnancy is correctly linked to Skip Broke (not to be confused with Skip Broke (hidden)). What is happening is that Skip is unlinked and the game doesn't use the genetics from an unlinked sim in pregnancy. This results in Brandi's pregnancy working as if Brandi is pregnant with herself. This is what causes Unborn baby Broke to always be a boy and to always have the same face and genetics as Brandi.[1]

If you use meetmetotheriver's clean Pleasantview template or use SimPe to remove Skip's unlinked status, then Unborn baby Broke will work just like a normal baby. This means he will have a combination of Brandi's and Skip's genetics and can be a girl.

Plot Hole[edit | edit source]

In Brandi's memories, there is a plot hole with the birth of Beau and the conception of unborn baby Broke. Brandi's memories say Beau was born after Skip died, but Skip is the father of unborn baby Broke. This means Brandi needed to get pregnant for a third time before Skip died even thought her memories say that she was still pregnant with Beau.

On the Sims Community Podcast , SimGuru Lyndsay said,"Yeah, there are certainly a few things that did not go the way that they ought to. Uhm, one that I remember is that in the Broke family, the timing got a little mixed up, from when Brandi’s husband died and when Brandi got pregnant. So there’s a lot of speculation about what really went down. And uhm, I think I just messed it up *Both laugh* to be honest". This means they most likely intended for Beau to have been born first and then Skip died.[2]

There is a theory to explain Brandi's pregnancy after Skip's death.The theory is that Skip Broke (hidden) is the father of Dustin and Beau and the other Skip is the father of unborn baby Broke. Brandi and Dustin have memories of the death of Skip Broke (hidden), but no memory of the death of the other Skip. The timeline of this theory is that Skip Broke (hidden) and Brandi had Dustin and Beau, Skip Broke (hidden) died, Brandi got pregnant with the other Skip, and then the other Skip died.

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